My story with the Radio

Monday, May 30, 2005

I guess that started about 6 or 7 years ago. I don’t remember when exactly. Once I was bored, and thought of opening the radio, check what’s out there.

I started with “el shabab w el ryada”, then later started searching my radio dial for more stations. I came across “el bernameg el 3am”, “eza3t el a3’any”, “el eza3a el ta3lemya” and “el bernameg el thakafy”.

The best of them was “The European Local Service of Radio Cairo” English transmission. Though I came across that one a bit late, but it’s where my addiction to Radio started.

I started by listening to a one hour show called “Slang”. It was some kind of an on air competition to get the meanings of slang words. That show was the only show I listened to. Later, I came across another show called “Z-Tok”. It’s a two hours show, presented by Ossama Kamal, and Ashraf el Guindy.

I started to get more attached to radio, the moment it comes 10 p.m. (when the English transmission starts) I’m stuck beside my radio up till 2 a.m.

Currently I somehow stopped that daily addiction to the radio, it’s only Z-Tok and Late Night Cartoon Show which I’m still addicted to them. These two shows did some major changes in my life, I owe them much. Moreover, a number of my best friends I got to know them through these shows.

To know that these shows might stop one day, would be certainly a shock for me. Some might think it’s not such a big deal. But for me, it is. Generally, the relation between the frequent listeners and the shows is more like a family relation. Yes, we are all a big family.

Tomorrow is the 71 anniversary of Radio Cairo, I wish they’d go on for years and years, always good friends to all listeners and wish they’d keep on their motto forever “The station that listens to you”

Happy anniversary to my beloved Radio Cairo.
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I just wanted to get that out of my head

Sunday, May 29, 2005

It’s about 4 a.m. now. I had my first exam for the final year. It wasn’t that bad. On the contrary, I think I did well.

At the time being, I’m supposed to be either asleep or studying. Apparently I’m doing neither of them. I feel I have all those interfering thoughts that I want to get out of my head. A very unique combination of thoughts, I even feel they aren’t going together, not the same mood. But what can I do, things are just happening around me, and I’m affected by all incidences no matter how small they might be.

Be it the referendum and all the accompanying incidences, or these conflicts happening inside myself concerning my rules and beliefs, or that fake rumor of my best radio announcer leaving the radio. Three totally different thoughts, but they exist all in the same place, in my head.

Talking about the referendum, I believe I have nothing more to say about all the happenings. I just wonder when would that ever end?! If it’s ever going to end.

As for that inner conflicts I’m having, that’s a long story, don’t want to get into it’s details at the moment.

Now to the last thought, I guess for you to understand that, I first should tell you about my addiction to radio… Umm.. it’s along story, and I feel like sleeping now, tell you about it tomorrow.

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The Black Wednesday

Just came across that post. I guess it worth checking.
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مصر كلها سترتدي السواد الأربعاء 1 يونيو 2005

Saturday, May 28, 2005

دعوة منرابطة الأمهات المصريات مصر كلها سترتدي السواد الأربعاء 1 يونيو 2005

أيها المواطنون الشرفاء أبناء مصريوم 25 مايو -يوم الاستفتاء - تعرضت النساء والفتيات المشاركات في مظاهرات سلمية تطالب بالديمقراطية في القاهرة أمام نقابة الصحفيين في القاهرة للتحرش والانتهاك الجنسي في الشارع وعلى الملأ على يد بسطاء مأجورين من بلطجية الحزب الوطني وتحت إشراف من لواءات وزارة الداخلية. وقد قررنا نحن الأمهات المصريات اللاتي يحلمن بمستقبل أفضل للوطن وحياة أفضل لأولادنا أن ندعو الشعب المصري كله يوم الأربعاء القادم ا يونيو إلى الخروج من منازلهم كالمعتاد لكن وهم يلبسون السواد، في طريقهم مثل كل يوم إلى مصالحهم وأماكن عملهم أو قضاء حوائجهم اليومية، كل مواطن يستنكر ما حدث ولا يقبله مسئول أمام الله حتى لو لم يكن ناشط سياسي أو لا يهتم بالعمل العام، ندعوه فقط للخروج في هذا اليوم من بيته ليوم عادي لكن مرتدياً اللون الأسود.. وأن يخبر من حوله ويدعوهم ويشرح لهم أهمية هذا الاحتجاج العام الرمزي، وأما النشطاء فندعوهم في كل محافظة من محافظات مصر إلى تنسيق التجمع السلمي الصامت أمام نقاباتهم أو في حرم جامعاتهم أو في الأماكن العامة التي يتفقون عليها- صامتين في وجوم تام في ملابسهم السوداء.الأمهات المصريات ليست حركة سياسية، إنها صوت الأغلبية الصامتة من النساء ربات البيوت والعاملات، لكنهن يدركن اليوم أن الداخلية قد تجاوزت كل الخطوط الحمراء، وأن الصمت اليوم جريمة ولا بد من وقفة صفاً واحداً وشعباً واحداً للدفاع عن المرأة والبنت المصرية.مطلبنا واضح وهو مطلب واحد: استقالة وزير الداخلية.مصر كلها سترتدي السواد في صمت وهدوء يوم 1 يونيو من أقصى بحري لأقصى الصعيد، رجالها ونساءها شبابها وكهولها، في شوارعها حزن وفي قلبها جرح، والمطلب الشعبي هو ببساطة استقالة وزير الداخلية، لقد وقفنا نشاهد ما يجري فترة طويلة لكننا قررنا أن نخرج الأربعاء القادم، لأول مرة، وبقوة، دفاعاً عن أعراض المواطنات المصريات من بنات وسيدات في أقسام الشرطة وفي الشارع وفي المظاهرات.يوم 1 يونيو مصر كلها ستتشح بالسواد من أجل بناتنا اللاتي تم الاعتداء عليهن وتقطيع ملابسهن في الشارع لأنهن جرؤن على أن يقلن كفاية بدلاً من الصمت، سنخرج هذه المرة -ونحن لسنا من حركة كفاية- لنقول للداخلية التي كان دورها حمايتنا: اللعبة انتهت.يوم حداد شعبي صامت ومطلب وحيد: استقالة وزير الداخلية.إما أن نعود بعدها لبيوتنا وحياتنا اليومية في هدوء المصريات ونضالهن المعتاد من أجل لقمة العيش والأسرة والأولاد كما سارت الحياة منذ فجر هذه الحضارة وطوال تاريخ هذا الوطن المسالم الذي ينشد أهله الأمن، أو نفكر في خطوة تالية إذا لم يتحقق مطلبنا هذا.إننا نؤكد أننا لسنا من حركة كفاية ولا ننتمي لأية قوة سياسية شرعية أو محجوبة، لكن حين تدفع المرأة المصرية ثمن مشاركتها السياسية حرمة جسدها وعرضها فإن كل أم مصرية بل مصر كلها ستخرج وهي ترتدي ملابس الحداد لتقول لوزير الداخلية:نريد استقالتك..اليوم..الآن.موعدنا جميعاً الأربعاء 1 يونيو.. يوم عادي.. لون ملابسنا أسود..في هدوء..وصمت مر..من أجل مستقبل حر..
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Paulo Coelho

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A couple of days ago I read about Paulo Coelho’s visit to Egypt. I don’t know why I stopped a while infront of that piece of news, I kept squezzing my mind to remember if I know that name. But I realized that I never heard it before.

I thought well, why not go and know what is this all about. Still till that moment, I thought he wasn’t a famous writer and thought that very few know about him.

Later, browsing through some blogs, I found a number of fellow bloggers writing about him, and about the two events that were carried out in Cairo. I thought “Ohh, seems it’s only me the ignorent person on board”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to attend any of the two events, but I read about them on some blogs. They seemed to be interesting, wished I was able to go.

Anyways, looking to the good side of it, I’ve learnt something new. Now I know by heart who is Paulo Coelho, and I know who is the writer of “The Alchemist”, it’s now on the top of “to be read list” hopfully after exams.

Still blogging has a good side :D
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Can't accept her anymore

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Is it the feelings of boredom?! Depression?! I wonder.

All I know that I can’t bear her anymore. She is the cause of all what I’m in now. If it weren’t for her, things would have been much better. She always underestimates me. She always breaks the promises I make with her. She is never up to my expectations. I forgave her for zillion times but she never learns.

It is said that I should accept her the way she is, then try to develop her. But I can’t. I need her changed, and it’s only then when I can accept her.

Am I making any sense?! I doubt.
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No more practical exams

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Finally, I’m done with these oral and practical exams forever. However, I’m gonna miss that feeling of exam pressure!!
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Thoughts of a normal young Egyptian lady

Being a normal Egyptian citizen, I was somehow concerned with the trials for a political reform. When it was time for submitting to get the voting cards, I went to get mine, though nothing from this political reform trials were announced yet.

I thought it would be such an easy task to vote for people who deserve to be voted for. But it turned out that it’s not such an easy task, at least for a person like me.

I’m a young lady with average intelligence, and I’m not very much into politics, though I’m concerned to know what’s going on around me. What would it be the criteria for me to base my selection upon?! I know nothing about these people, and if I’m gonna base my vote on the little knowledge I know or hear about, then I believe I’d elect none of the names that might go for the elections.

I hate to be submissive, I hate to be passive, though at the same time I can’t deny that I feel it’s of no use.

I’m planning to go for that estefta2 on 25th of May, but at the same time, I can’t form an opinion.. What’s good?! What’s bad?! I feel it's all vague.
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No more lectures :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Yeah.. yeah.. that’s true, I should believe it.

Well, yesterday was my last lecture ever in my academic study (ta3leem gam3y). No more lectures, no more sections. I just can’t believe it. No more sleeping in lectures, no more attending sections without understanding a word, no more being late for lectures and running to catch what is remaining. No more boring doctors, no more boring courses, no more meaningless assignments, no more flood of projects and staying overnights to finish them.

Hehe.. I guess I could go like this forever. Though I haven’t finished exams yet, and I wonder how I’m gonna pass them, but still I’m happy. Just that feeling of no more attending boring lectures makes me forget about any other thing.

In my way to the university gate, thoughts and memories ran quickly through my mind. I remembered my first day I entered that gate, that worry feelings I had. My wonders of how am I gonna spend the coming years, people I’m going to meet, how am I gonna achieve what I’ve dreamt of through my university years.

Years went by without me noticing. Achieved dreams, lost other in the way.

But the fact remains, I’m sure I’m going to miss these days. Though we used to suffer in that college, and wished for the day we graduate, but I believe that this is nothing compared to what we are going to see in real life.

Though I’ll miss being there, but still wish me luck to pass the exams, I have no intentions to stay another year in that college.

Oopps.. I forgot something, seems that I might not say goodbye to lectures, I love attending them :)
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So Close, No Matter How Far

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So close, no matter how far. Yes it’s a name of a song by Metallica, and it’s a name of a radio show presented by Moez Masoud.

But I’m neither talking about the song nor the show. In your opinion what does this statement applies to?!

Let me tell you what does it imply to me. It’s death. Just give it a thought, and you will find that it’s very close, more than we can imagine, but at the same time, it’s very far, to the extent that we sometimes forget all about it.

It’s well known that death is a fact of life, we all have witnessed it. Whether with losing close people to us, or just hearing of people out there dying. So, it’s a very well known thing. But why do we get surprised when it happens?! Why we aren’t always ready for it?! Why we aren’t ready to accept the lose of someone?!

It’s not a surprise. We expect it every moment, but still we can never be ready.

At these moments when I think about death, I feel that I’m stone hearted. How come I think of such a thing?! How come I’m trying to make a philosophy about it?! How come I’m trying to burry my feelings, and substitute them with some logic?! Would that ever happen?! Could feelings be substituted by logic and thinking?!

I wonder and wonder.. ask and find no answers. But I feel it’s getting closer and closer. It’s surrounding me. The circle is getting tighter, and I wonder who is next?!

Here I am, preparing myself for it. Trying to learn the lesson. But seems that no use of it. I always need to learn it the hard way.

But what is it the lesson to be learnt?! To be ready to lose dear people?! Or to be ready to end that journey and start a new one. Yes, death isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. But the beginning of an unknown journey.

A question that I can’t stop asking myself, do I fear death? Yes, I fear death. But why is that?! I fear starting a new journey before reaching my first destination. I fear not reaching the truth before it’s time to end the first journey. What if it was time for ending my first journey before reaching the destination?!
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Ain't it funny

Thursday, May 05, 2005
Seems I won't be completing the previous post.. I feel I'm spoiling it.

Anyways, couple of days ago I was listening to "Ain't it funny" by Jennifer Lopez. I've always loved that song, I like it's beat very much, but I never paid attention to it's lyrics except very recently. When I took care of the lyrics I felt that they were expressing something that I had deep inside. They are very expressive.

Jennifer Lopez
Ain't It Funny
It seemed to be like the perfect thing for you and me
It's so ironic you're what I had pictured you to be
But there are facts in our lives we can never change
Just tell me that you understand and feel the same
This perfect romance that I've created in my mind
I'd live a thousand lives each one with you right by my side
But yet we find ourselves in a less than perfect circumstance
And so it seems like we'll never have the chance

Ain't it funny how some feelings you just can't deny
And you can't move on even though you try
Ain't it strange when you're feeling things you shouldn't feel
Oh I wish this could be real
Ain't it funny how a moment could just change your life
And you don't want to face what's wrong or right
Ain't it strange how fate can play a part In the story of your heart

Sometimes I think that a true love can never be
I just believe that somehow it wasn't meant to me
Life can be cruel in a way that I can't explain
And I don't think that I could face it all again
I barely know you but somehow I know what you're about
A deeper love I've found in you, and I no longer doubt
You've touched my heart and it altered every plan I've made
And now I feel that I don't have to be afraid

Repeat Chorus

I locked away my heart
But you just set it free
Emotions I felt held me back from what my life should be
I pushed you far away
And yet you stayed with me
I guess this means
That you and me were meant to be

Repeat Chorus till end
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Wished I was able to record every single moment

Spending 4 days in the Egyptian oasis was quite a good experience. I’ve been to Siwa before, but this time I went to the other side. I passed by el Baharia, Farafra, and my final destination was el Dakhla.

Wished I was able to record every single moment. Every place I visited, every small piece of information triggered some thoughts within me. Thoughts of wondering, admiration, appreciation, and happiness. Though sad thoughts weren’t excluded.

I intended to record all the thoughts I had here on my blog, but seems that I won’t be able to transfer the same feelings and thoughts I had, may be coz they are many and diverse.

The first place we reached was el Bahria. We reached there at about 6 A.M. it was very quiet, peaceful, everything there reflects the simple life people are living there. It was the first time for me to know that el Bahria follows Giza Governorate.

Completing our way to el Farafra, then finally reaching our final distention El dakhla. It was time for our tour with the camels. I thought why not try it.

Riding a camel for two hours was such a wrong choice to do. I’d call it masochism. I wonder how people used it for traveling.

But let me tell you about the interesting part. The guide told us that this herd of camels were all females, with only one male. All the female camels follows that male one. If he stopped we can’t by anyway let the females go elsewhere.

One more thing I got to know about camels, they have beautiful eyes, and long eyelashes. They really look very beautiful.

Finally after ending that tour, we had a Bedouin dinner at the desert, accompanied by Bedouin songs. Very nice songs, nice voices, with different song topics, you just can feel how much they are affected by their culture.. I enjoyed it very much.

The best thing that night was the stars. Having a look at the sky, you could see numerous number of stars. They look awesome. And finally for the first time I managed to locate Polaris, the North Star. How happy I was to do this :)

That was the end of my first day, I guess later I’ll be writing more about Polaris.

To be continued...
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El Khamees 5/5/2005

Didn't want to miss recording that date..

Al 7'amees 5/5/2005
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Al ma2 ya3'sel al gasad, w al sa7ra2 ta3'sel al roo7

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Just came back from a trip to el wa7at.. It was marvelous. Just the feeling of dumping all the things you gotta do and go for a 4 days break in the desert, is a good thing to do.

Got a lot to be writing about that trip.. But I’ll do that later.
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