My story with the Radio

Monday, May 30, 2005

I guess that started about 6 or 7 years ago. I don’t remember when exactly. Once I was bored, and thought of opening the radio, check what’s out there.

I started with “el shabab w el ryada”, then later started searching my radio dial for more stations. I came across “el bernameg el 3am”, “eza3t el a3’any”, “el eza3a el ta3lemya” and “el bernameg el thakafy”.

The best of them was “The European Local Service of Radio Cairo” English transmission. Though I came across that one a bit late, but it’s where my addiction to Radio started.

I started by listening to a one hour show called “Slang”. It was some kind of an on air competition to get the meanings of slang words. That show was the only show I listened to. Later, I came across another show called “Z-Tok”. It’s a two hours show, presented by Ossama Kamal, and Ashraf el Guindy.

I started to get more attached to radio, the moment it comes 10 p.m. (when the English transmission starts) I’m stuck beside my radio up till 2 a.m.

Currently I somehow stopped that daily addiction to the radio, it’s only Z-Tok and Late Night Cartoon Show which I’m still addicted to them. These two shows did some major changes in my life, I owe them much. Moreover, a number of my best friends I got to know them through these shows.

To know that these shows might stop one day, would be certainly a shock for me. Some might think it’s not such a big deal. But for me, it is. Generally, the relation between the frequent listeners and the shows is more like a family relation. Yes, we are all a big family.

Tomorrow is the 71 anniversary of Radio Cairo, I wish they’d go on for years and years, always good friends to all listeners and wish they’d keep on their motto forever “The station that listens to you”

Happy anniversary to my beloved Radio Cairo.
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My best program was e'terafat layleiya, night confession. Very interesting. not sure if it still on or not.
Friends of mine used to call in "e3terafat layleyya" and make up stories!

One of my favorites used to be "ghawwass fee ba7r elnagham".
  At 5/30/2005 06:32:00 PM Anonymous Haal said:
yeah, this program too. 'ammar al-sheri'ee. Another scorpio by the way.

e3trafat layleia used to get some weird stories! really weird.

I also love when they have some old songs... i love that.
My favorite radio station now is FM 105.8 (although I don't know how they sometimes manage to broadcast Nancy Ajram's songs!). Actually that's my second favorite station after NPR now ;)
Umm.. I heard about that 'e3terafat layleyya', but never heard it.

As for 3'awas fi ba7r el na3'am, I used to listen to it by coincidence.

Actually, I don't like Nile FM. They are not my style at all, whenever I listen to them, I feel my blood pressure is increasing.

The only good thing about Nile FM, and negoum FM is they some kind of aroused a competition between them and other radio stations, which is a good thing.
E3trafat Layleyya was another nice program. I used to listen to it when I was in thanawya 3ama I think. U can say I was somehow addicted to Bothina's warm & deep voice. I always had that feeling she was talkin from inside of me, not her!!

Actually that has been the case almost all the time. I get addicted to the announcer voice rather than the program itself. It happened with Youmna on Slang too. That was the first program I ever discovered on FM95. I loved her for yrs just for her voice.. till I finally saw her pic one day
OMG!! That was a shock I would NEVER forget..:D

Almost the only exception was LateNightCartoonShow. I LOVED this program really (much more than the announcer..:D).
MoonLightShadow, FM 105.8 is not Nile/Negoum FM, it is 'eza3et elaghany', the government one.
aha.. I'm sorry for the mistake.. asl ana 3andy 7asasya men Nile/Negoum. And Nile is beside eza3t el a3'any, may be for that reason I thought you were talking about it.

I like eza3et el a3'any, but I'm not a frequent listener to it.
Shex, yeah, I was shocked when I saw Youmna's picture. She looks fine, but that wasn't the picture I had in mind at all.

But the complete shock was Ashraf El Guindy. That was the real shock for me when I met him.

W ba3deen b2a, malo el announcer beta3 Late Night Cartoon :P Actually, I believe if it weren't for Ossama Kamal, the show wouldn't have been a good one.
I forgot a nice station, the musical (el bernameg el moseeky) That one is a good one as well. Especially after 1 a.m.
  At 5/31/2005 11:26:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Yess that's my favourite one actually ..elbernameg elmoseeqy :) it's really wonderful

yaaaaa... u know that moon.. radio is my life in fact.. n it was able to take me off many bad n serious downs..

not shallow minded guys r gals.. but that is how i found myself..

n even the GREAT and marvlous ppl i met... like u moon... i felt life is still bright.. with ppl like u flourishing every where,,,

that is the experience of my life time...
I totally agree with you ya blue.. especially FM 95. Many nice people were gathered around this station.

Yes, it's a lifetime experience :)
I never liked listening to the radio except while driving, otherwise I prefer TV (TV = Radio + Pictures)