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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Remember the thing I was waiting for to be announced.. last Thursday I knew about it.. and it turned to be same as I was expecting.. actually my happiness that day was indescribable!
Not sure what was the actual reason, is it because of the new reappointment, or it's that my assumptions turned out to be right.. or just for the change.. the conclusion was, I was HAPPY..
Half an hour ago, the announcement was made.. and again I had the same feelings.. I'm taking a step forward.. a step towards what I thought I really wanted..

However, my happiness feelings are mixed with feeling anxious.. am I up to it.. will I be able to handle.. is it really what I wanted.. or I'm gonna regret it.. just some questioning thoughts with no answers.. it's only time that will give me the answer!

Clear disadvantages would be relocating.. leaving my current team.. leaving people I enjoyed being among..

Does it worth it?! What's the next step then?! What are the real reasons for that happiness?!
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