So Close, No Matter How Far

Saturday, May 07, 2005

So close, no matter how far. Yes it’s a name of a song by Metallica, and it’s a name of a radio show presented by Moez Masoud.

But I’m neither talking about the song nor the show. In your opinion what does this statement applies to?!

Let me tell you what does it imply to me. It’s death. Just give it a thought, and you will find that it’s very close, more than we can imagine, but at the same time, it’s very far, to the extent that we sometimes forget all about it.

It’s well known that death is a fact of life, we all have witnessed it. Whether with losing close people to us, or just hearing of people out there dying. So, it’s a very well known thing. But why do we get surprised when it happens?! Why we aren’t always ready for it?! Why we aren’t ready to accept the lose of someone?!

It’s not a surprise. We expect it every moment, but still we can never be ready.

At these moments when I think about death, I feel that I’m stone hearted. How come I think of such a thing?! How come I’m trying to make a philosophy about it?! How come I’m trying to burry my feelings, and substitute them with some logic?! Would that ever happen?! Could feelings be substituted by logic and thinking?!

I wonder and wonder.. ask and find no answers. But I feel it’s getting closer and closer. It’s surrounding me. The circle is getting tighter, and I wonder who is next?!

Here I am, preparing myself for it. Trying to learn the lesson. But seems that no use of it. I always need to learn it the hard way.

But what is it the lesson to be learnt?! To be ready to lose dear people?! Or to be ready to end that journey and start a new one. Yes, death isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning. But the beginning of an unknown journey.

A question that I can’t stop asking myself, do I fear death? Yes, I fear death. But why is that?! I fear starting a new journey before reaching my first destination. I fear not reaching the truth before it’s time to end the first journey. What if it was time for ending my first journey before reaching the destination?!
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  At 5/08/2005 12:50:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I wish I would never witness anyone I know dies before me...I hope to be the first.......

اللهم احيني ما كانت الحياة خيرا لي و توفني إذا كانت الوفاة خيرا لي

اللهم اعفر لي و ارحمني و ألحقني بالرفيق الأعلي ....اللهم الرفيق الأعلي

These are the prayers that I wish for myself..God is keeping each one of us for a reason, for a mission..I hope I know my mission and accomplish it , the reason for my existance.the question that has no answer.

You're not alone. I think of this type of stuff, all the time. I don't really know what it means either.
  At 5/08/2005 06:11:00 AM Anonymous A7mad said:
I strongly recommend visiting and downloading and watching his movie 'The Truth of the Life of This World'. It's free and very high quality. Thank u all.
there is always that fear of the unknown capturing every ones' souls n minds.. that YES..
but death itself.. its not just fear of the unknown.. its fear of guilt.. fear of inside blame..
no i havnt done wht i am supposed to do.. no i dont deserve a single bless i have..
no no nooooooooo

if i can hide.. if i can runn.. i will..
yet, sins n guilt is covering all me.. n soo heavy to the extend i cant move a step.. and so.. i'm waiting in the queeu fro the predefined destiny of all of us..
  At 5/14/2005 11:06:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
To MoonLight:

Life is like the Internet. We are part of it, and we connect to it to enjoy it. But our connection with life is most of the time so trivial, as we connect with low-form truths; things that appeal to us but is not ever-lasting.

Those things, are things we'll always miss one day. Once we are able to connect with life with an everlasting truth and unity we ain't ever lose any thing. We become connected with everything, and our illusionary loss is finally realized to be a lie.

There are two variables in the process: Your mind, & the world. The world will remain the same. It's your mind that needs the transformation.
R: yeah it's the question that has no answer, though I believe it has.

A7mad: I'll consider watching the movie, thank you.

Arto: what is that everlasting truth and unity?!
  At 5/15/2005 07:33:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
From my perspective, everlasting truth is very relative to each individual. But those are the symptoms to those who find it:

1. They are satisfied with everything they face in life.
2. They are so stable, and don't have mood swings, because they know the reason behind things that happen. They have strong faith, which eventually turns to knowledge.
3. Any pain pleases them, since it gives them a chance to eliminate it.
4. Finally, from "As you acquire more spiritual light, a wonderful thing will happen by a definite spiritual law... people who are in love with darkness will move away from you. They will want absolutely nothing to do with you. The torment of being unable to pull you back into the mud will be too great for them. They will move away from you and will never want to come near you again. For you remind them of their own darkness."

That was the everlasting truth. It's the one time "I found it" and "no go back".

As for unity. You will know all about it the moment you become one with the truth, finding out gradually, as you move to the light, that isolation is only an illusion.