Moon is turning three..

Monday, February 25, 2008

So, this year I'm celebrating from Izmir.. any significance?! Yes, change..

As usual, kept thinking of what should be written in my third anniversary.. but didn’t actually reach anything.. one thing that kept popping in my head whenever I think.. it was those people who I related to through those three years..

Definitely all those on my side bar did trigger me in a way or the other… however, I related to some of them.. felt the virtual connection.. some of which I read their blogs silently.. others I do love to communicate.. simply, they affected me one way or the other.. either by triggering me to think.. expressing feelings I’ve always had but never managed to let out.. or just enjoyed their thoughts..

Haal: Most of the time mysterious, at times revealing, at times very sweet, others aggressive.. I keep thinking hundred times before leaving a comment there. . though I almost never miss a post.. at times I relate, others I don’t understand a word.. would I have ever got to know such a person if it weren’t for blogging.. not sure!

Mohamed:Simply I loved his blog.. together with Haal, they were my favorites.. each time I visit his blog I get into that indescribable state of mind.. his posts triggered me.. made me think and wonder.. loved his Egypt posts.. loved to see it through his eyes.. I have to admit I miss his posts..

Alina: A Romanian blogger, one of the very popular non Egyptians on the Egyptian blogshpere.. loved here active spirit.. always wondered how can she find the time to do all what’s she is doing.. she always has something new.. very supportive a kind.. love being there at her blog..

Loulou: One of the major things that makes me try hard not to miss any post.. is her very day to day life posts.. I love that style.. makes me feel I know her for real.. through her blog we witnessed how she first got introduced to her current husband, passing through all the states and stages.. simply loved this.. always prayed for her that everything will turn out to be just fine..

Lasto: My all times friend.. she is the main person behind me being in the blogsephere.. though we might not get in touch for ages.. but I’ve always believed we shared a lot.. we mostly think alike.. she is better in expressing.. but I just feel every single word she writes..

Nermeena: Love her fairy tale world.. never managed to live in one myself.. but can feel it through her writings.. super active.. lovely.. again, one of the people who at times feel she is writing on my behalf.. actually she is very good with words..

Nesrina: Used to follow her blog since it was a message in a bottle.. and she actually gave me this mental image in her early posts..

Nousha: I guess she is the most recent blogger in my list.. a very knowledgeable person I must say.. I do perceive her as a very self dependant person, her post are different.. they’ve got a ceratin flavor.. actually we met couple of times in real life, however, I never got to know whether she knows me or not!

Not sure why I did this, I just felt that after these three years, I changed.. many things changed in my life.. I no longer the same person who started that blog.. and those people I mentioned, in a way or the other left one footstep in my life.. through those years.. and I gotta thank them all :)

On a side note, I wonder why are they disabling wordpress in Turkey?!
That’s what I got when I tried to access Nermeena’s blog, then I discovered it’s with all wordpress blogs.. weird!!
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