Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Been tagged by Alina since a very long time, and promised myself that I won't be writing anything in this blog except when I do this tag first.. Terribly sorry for being that late..

Bloggers: The blogosphere is coming to an end. You have one last post. What is it going to be? What is the final summary of your blog? What is the one last gem that you want to leave with your readers?

Not sure what should I write in my last blogging post.. but I'll just share with you what does blogging mean to me..

Through our short journey in this life, we pass through many things that makes the person we are.. for me blogging is one major thing that had a great effect on me..
Whether by writing, reading other blogs, or commenting.. I've enjoyed the experience to the most.. and enjoyed sharing..

Been introduced to a lot of people through blogging, which I think I wouldn't have known if it weren't for blogging.. every single name on my blogroll is a unique experience that I was glad to at least share by witnessing..
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