Wished I was able to record every single moment

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Spending 4 days in the Egyptian oasis was quite a good experience. I’ve been to Siwa before, but this time I went to the other side. I passed by el Baharia, Farafra, and my final destination was el Dakhla.

Wished I was able to record every single moment. Every place I visited, every small piece of information triggered some thoughts within me. Thoughts of wondering, admiration, appreciation, and happiness. Though sad thoughts weren’t excluded.

I intended to record all the thoughts I had here on my blog, but seems that I won’t be able to transfer the same feelings and thoughts I had, may be coz they are many and diverse.

The first place we reached was el Bahria. We reached there at about 6 A.M. it was very quiet, peaceful, everything there reflects the simple life people are living there. It was the first time for me to know that el Bahria follows Giza Governorate.

Completing our way to el Farafra, then finally reaching our final distention El dakhla. It was time for our tour with the camels. I thought why not try it.

Riding a camel for two hours was such a wrong choice to do. I’d call it masochism. I wonder how people used it for traveling.

But let me tell you about the interesting part. The guide told us that this herd of camels were all females, with only one male. All the female camels follows that male one. If he stopped we can’t by anyway let the females go elsewhere.

One more thing I got to know about camels, they have beautiful eyes, and long eyelashes. They really look very beautiful.

Finally after ending that tour, we had a Bedouin dinner at the desert, accompanied by Bedouin songs. Very nice songs, nice voices, with different song topics, you just can feel how much they are affected by their culture.. I enjoyed it very much.

The best thing that night was the stars. Having a look at the sky, you could see numerous number of stars. They look awesome. And finally for the first time I managed to locate Polaris, the North Star. How happy I was to do this :)

That was the end of my first day, I guess later I’ll be writing more about Polaris.

To be continued...
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Ohh come on!!
Plz continue.. u know am dying to know every detail..:-((
  At 6/28/2005 01:26:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Did you went with a specific tourism company or what ?
nops.. it wasn't with a tourism company..

If u r interested check that link.