Paulo Coelho

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A couple of days ago I read about Paulo Coelho’s visit to Egypt. I don’t know why I stopped a while infront of that piece of news, I kept squezzing my mind to remember if I know that name. But I realized that I never heard it before.

I thought well, why not go and know what is this all about. Still till that moment, I thought he wasn’t a famous writer and thought that very few know about him.

Later, browsing through some blogs, I found a number of fellow bloggers writing about him, and about the two events that were carried out in Cairo. I thought “Ohh, seems it’s only me the ignorent person on board”.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to attend any of the two events, but I read about them on some blogs. They seemed to be interesting, wished I was able to go.

Anyways, looking to the good side of it, I’ve learnt something new. Now I know by heart who is Paulo Coelho, and I know who is the writer of “The Alchemist”, it’s now on the top of “to be read list” hopfully after exams.

Still blogging has a good side :D
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if you want an intro to his works I suggest Veronika Decides To Die, it is much more egaging than The Alchemist (which I never liked).
Thank u for the advice, I'll consider that one as well :)
i wish i can read any..
do u know an online link 4 those books?1
I don't know any ya lasto. It will be great if anyone knows an online link for them to tell us.