Why is it complicated?!

Saturday, May 09, 2015
Are we really suffering from a marriage problem here in Egypt?! I used to think it is me who has a certain problem.. but when I went out to the world and started seeing new different people, I just realized it is not me.. it is getting viral! Excellent, well educated, good mannered, and good looking girls who are getting in their thirties and they are not in any kind of a relationship! and it is turning into a competition in girls' world.. a severe one.. where keeping up to it is really hard, and energy consuming.. But my question is, what is really wrong with guys these days? I'm sorry to say, but is it a matter of supply and demand?! a lot of good girls, and very few good guys out there?! I can't even imagine that I started thinking that way! The more I meet new different cases, the more I lose hope, if I ever had it at the first place.. yes I know it is "naseeb" and everything thing happens by God's will, but still, definitely there is a logical reason, but I really can't put my hands on..

Actually when I look closely at how things are going, I get scared, a lot of cases I heard of are breaking all the rules, just to win a guy! whether married or not.. older, younger, it doesn't matter.. same or different social class.. they are crossing all the lines, and still nothing is guaranteed! I'm one of those who was raised to believe that it is not about the looks, and that we have to pay more attention to the core of people, but what I'm seeing is totally contradicting.. it is turning to be about the looks, and only the looks! and even if it happened and you got married, there is still fierce competition out there that will keep you on the tip of your toes! I don't think it is meant to be this way.. I only wish to understand why is it getting that complicated?!
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I have no idea why ... But i have this theory ppl who get married at young age are stupid so they jump in blindly and ppl who r relatively older think twice and r indecisive ... But one thing i know for sure the more u think about it and obsess over it the more u find it complicated , just go on keep moving forward eventually u will encounter someone whose path intersects with urs , but u have to find urslef the right path.
I do not see it as fierce. But it is not fair. and both men and women are so stupid, which is the reason why I see so many unhappy marriages around me everywhere!..
@Rain, I just at times can't stop myself from thinking about it.. not to the extent of an obsession.. but I just need to understand.. I feel this is a major issue in the community, and just wishing to understand what's wrong!
@Blue, I think it is simply because they get married for the wrong reasons..