Deep blue ocean

Friday, July 07, 2017
Two years!! yes, it's been two years since I last wrote here.. I just could not imagine how time is flying.. This has been the most soothing place for me.. a safe zone as they call it.. I just wish sometimes that my blog was a person that can hug me and tell me that everything will be ok, I come here and pour all the thoughts and questions that no one else is willing to listen and discuss with me.. 
I'm tired of everything.. at times I feel I can no longer live this life.. psychologically I can not.. I'm too weak for it.. day after day I'm getting more fragile and sensitive.. I feel like being lost in the middle of a deep blue ocean.. all alone in the darkness.. at times I feel like surrendering to the ocean, I'm tired of the endless swimming.. I can see no hope.. I know one day I will just give up.. But that's not how I used to think.. but I just can't find my old self anymore.. she is lost.. 
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