End of year mania..

Monday, December 22, 2008
Running.. running.. running..
That's how I feel.. days are running.. I'm running to catch up with days.. events are happening so quickly.. I feel there is a lot to do before end of year.. and many things are happening, as if they want to catch end of year as well.. strange!

Work.. decisions.. family.. friends.. myself.. outings.. trips.. and many more things that I need to do something about before end of year.. not sure why are they related.. but I just feel I've got that deadline that I need to catch up with.. and still days are slipping out of my hands.. I wake up, to find myself going to bed for a new day.. manyyy things to do.. and I'm doing nothing..

May be because I need to have a brand new start fr 2009.. wash out all my fears, worries, failures, disappointments.. and stand up for a new year, filled with hopes, wishes, love, beauty, and most important thing a peaceful heart, mind and soul..

That's why I'm rushing.. to end up everything.. to be a new "me"..

Worried?! yes, I'm afraid I'm gonna disappoint myself again.. I might not be up to my expectations..

Need to write down my new year's resolution.. and try to stick to them this year b2a..
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The dress

Sunday, December 14, 2008
A friend of mine is getting married in January, and I felt I need to have a new soirée dress, and I decided to have a new one done..
I had a strange feeling regarding this dress.. felt I'm gonna wear it in a special occasion for myself, my engagement for example.. it was really weird.. a more strange thing, my mum was thinking of the same idea.. she told me may be this is gonna be your engagement dress! Was it telepathy, or there is something really about the dress?!

However, this dress was of bad omen as well, one day I had to go and preview it, my mum had a flat tire and we couldn't go.. it was postponed to another day, and my mum's uncle passed away on that day!

The day I got the dress finalized, I had my first meeting with someone who was proposing.. though, I'm carrying out all plans for tatfeesh el 3arees :D

Just a week from getting my dress, and during this horrible story of the groom, we discover that my mum has a serious illness..

Still, I'm hanging it outside the wardrobe, just in front of me.. feeling strange about it, feel there is gonna be a story with this dress.. who knows what's coming next..

Usually, I'm not a superstitious person, I sometimes feel good about things, bad about others, but I never took it seriously.. but this time it's really weird..
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matloob 7'etta l tatfeesh 3arees

Thursday, December 11, 2008
matloob 7'etta l tatfeesh 3arees.. any ideas?!
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