A Bug

Friday, May 01, 2009
I've been sleepless for over than three days now.. I was on vacation for 10 days, and returned work by the 27th.. since then and my mind is working to solve that bug.. at times I feel my mind stopped working.. I'm talking with people, but I'm not listening to them, I can no longer comprehend what they are saying.. dozens of things to do.. meetings, testings, analysis, debugging, follow up, daily support, etc..

At times I feel I just need to disappear, I don't go anywhere around the place, without coming acorss somone who wants something from me.. ENOUGH.. I can no longer take it.. I'm over filled with requests. What really irritates me, that each one of them thinks he/she is the only user I have, and I'm there sitting just waiting to support them and solve their stupid problems..

I don't have time to carry out proactive actions to stop being reactive to every problem that occurs.. being over filled with tasks sometimes affect the quality of work.. I'm running from here to there.. wanting to solve this problem, and make that person work..

I've been stuck with this bug for days now.. normally this doesn't happen with me that often.. I manage to discover bugs and solve them right away.. except this time.. not sure what's the reason.. what's making it really worse, I feel it's a very easy thing.. and I would have caught it from the first day.. but I'm totally distracted.. my mind is really tired, and I feel I'm mentally blocked..
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