Just letting it out..

Sunday, October 19, 2008
Do I really need to see a psychiatrist?! I'm very much to this idea these days, though at a certain point of time, I thought I'm just a normal human being. However, I no longer believe in this anymore.. I'm pretty sure there is something wrong with me, it might not be that major thing, but still there is something. Something that I've been trying to cure since I was in primary.. yes, since then and I've been feeling that there is something wrong..

At times I might forget all about it.. or pretend there is nothing.. but I can feel it.. or it's just who I am.. it's how I was brought up.. I'm refusing a lot around, and I'm tired of struggling.. the only option is to accept..

Life is full of ups and downs.. different frequencies.. different magnitudes.. whenever I'm in one of these downs, I just say here it is another down.. and hope it will pass.. look forward for the coming up..

Wish I can change.. but I almost lost hope about it.. no matter how I try to, or even pretend I changed, I'm still that primary child, with all her fears, questions and limitations.. the only new thing changes is having more responsibilities..
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اكتب وامسح

Tuesday, October 14, 2008
اعت ألف حولين نفسي و اكتب وامسح و اكتب و امسح وبعدين مكنتش حكتب حاجة و أروح أنام وبعدين رجعت في كلامي، و في الأخر لئيتني مش أدرى أواجه نفسي . عندي حالة من الاذبهلال الغريب، مش عارفة إيه السبب بظبط ..
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