New Beginnings

Saturday, January 31, 2015
About four months ago I started a journey without a known destination.. I can't say I willingly started this journey, but it just started, and I decided to take it.. I needed to know myself.. love and accept her the way she is, simply because I believe somewhere in the middle of the way I lost track of who I am and what is it that I want to do in life.. one thing I've always been sure of, I'm different, and I've always tried to hide this difference.. I have always tried to belong to the normal Egyptian girls.. I've tried hard to do this, and actually I was really unhappy finding that I've lived many years of my life putting myself in this frame. Simply because back then I thought that is the main reason I did not get married, because normal Egyptian guys are looking for the normal Egyptian girls.. as simple as that..

However, in the past four months I've had a lot of time to think with myself, despite the fact that I hate having this too much time to think, but one of the conclusions I've reached was; "why on earth do I want to be a normal Egyptian girl?!" I'm different, and it requires a different guy to impress me, nothing wrong in this, on the contrary, being unique and different is good, and I should capitalize on this not try to hide or change it..

Sometime ago, I never used to think of what people think of me, and I'll return to this.. it is not easy, I must admit, but the moment you reach not caring anymore, you will be liberated.. I'm still in the journey of self discovery.. a tough road to start.. but I'm sure the rest of the journey will be enjoyable..

So what are the conclusions I've reached so far?
1- Don't care for what people say or think about me, I'll just do what I feel like doing.
2- I will accept failure because it is the only way I'll learn.
3- I'll start a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and exercise.
4- No more complaining, and start changing what I don't like.
5- Never miss a chance.

I'll keep updating the list, since I'm still in the process of self discovery and decisions..
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