No more lectures :)

Friday, May 13, 2005

Yeah.. yeah.. that’s true, I should believe it.

Well, yesterday was my last lecture ever in my academic study (ta3leem gam3y). No more lectures, no more sections. I just can’t believe it. No more sleeping in lectures, no more attending sections without understanding a word, no more being late for lectures and running to catch what is remaining. No more boring doctors, no more boring courses, no more meaningless assignments, no more flood of projects and staying overnights to finish them.

Hehe.. I guess I could go like this forever. Though I haven’t finished exams yet, and I wonder how I’m gonna pass them, but still I’m happy. Just that feeling of no more attending boring lectures makes me forget about any other thing.

In my way to the university gate, thoughts and memories ran quickly through my mind. I remembered my first day I entered that gate, that worry feelings I had. My wonders of how am I gonna spend the coming years, people I’m going to meet, how am I gonna achieve what I’ve dreamt of through my university years.

Years went by without me noticing. Achieved dreams, lost other in the way.

But the fact remains, I’m sure I’m going to miss these days. Though we used to suffer in that college, and wished for the day we graduate, but I believe that this is nothing compared to what we are going to see in real life.

Though I’ll miss being there, but still wish me luck to pass the exams, I have no intentions to stay another year in that college.

Oopps.. I forgot something, seems that I might not say goodbye to lectures, I love attending them :)
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  At 5/14/2005 10:01:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hey :)
I wonder why I don't feel the same or even think about it, as if it's a normal thing ...or maybe cause I have this lingering of reactions and realizing what's going on :)..maybe it's not really a big deal.....
what I'm really concerned about is passing exams and of course finishing the project and the unknown future I'm gonna face after that :S.
It's really scary, I'm forcing myself not to think about it till it's time.

Umm.. you might be right.. but, you could say I'm trying not to forget about the good things.

I know if I didn't keep a memory of these days, I'll regret that afterwards.

Plus, I always like such special days, my first day is smth, my last day, etc..

Things that I won't go through except once, I try my best to make them special as much as I can. It's some special moments that we pass through them through out our journey.
I'm not with both of you ... I miss every moment I spent in the college ... It is really good days ... even the bad days, they have a funny taste ... Every day for me is a special day ;)

I'm realy sad :-(
Ahmad, you are right, I'm sure we are gonna miss these days, even the worst of them, but in my current state, I can't think of anything except wanting to leave that college.