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Monday, December 31, 2007
Yesterday was having some free time at work.. and tried to think about my 2007.. actually I'm having a very short term memory these days.. fa no way I could remember anything.. my only reference is my blog..

I opened the blog.. and went quickly through my 2007 archives.. didn't read posts.. just made sure that I have an archive for each month.. then discovered that there was no entry in December 2007.. this year, my posts were relatively very few.. however, this doesn't mean that there was nothing to say.. but I was too lazy to write..

This month I had the urge to write many times.. however, was too lazy to write.. but still, didn't want the month to pass without recording at least few of what I had in mind.. just for my reference later on..


I still remember my very first working days.. how much I was stressed.. how strange life appeared to me.. the only thought I was having back then was to leave work.. days went by.. and I got used to things.. still I had my moments of boredom.. but I knew I'll have them anywhere.. got more involved with my colleagues.. and loved the environment..

At times when I think about my career, I feel clueless, not knowing what is it that I want nor where I'm heading.. do I need to stay as is?! What are my ambitions?! What is it that I should be working for?! Questions that at times I had answers for, and other times I didn't.. at times I felt I need a complete change of career and I need to have my own business… and my only objective of being employed is to make money for my private business.. other times I feel that I love what I'm doing and feel that I should invest more in myself to have better positions..

In middle of all these different thoughts I had.. I felt that there is a vacancy that I really would be happy if I was potential for it.. the vacancy was not announced, however, I just felt that there should be someone with this new job description..

The negative thing about me is.. I never show what I want.. meaning, I'd never go tell my boss I need this vacancy.. I always think "if I'm potential enough for it, I'll have it"

Days went by.. and for no reason I felt I'm getting really close to it.. different things are happening in different directions, but they are all leading to the same thing.. I might be having it.. sooner than I thought!

Actually, I'm waiting for the announcement on Wednesday.. need all your prayers.. and your wishes for what's good for me..


I'm the kind of a person who don't like recommending things.. I believe that people differ and accordingly their tastes differ as well.. whether it's food, restaurants, music, books, places.. whatever.. however, I need to change this thing about me.. need to be more daring and at the same time accept that it's normal that people won't like my recommendations..

I love Eskenderella.. and was dying to attend their last concert at the culture wheel.. so, my colleague at work asked a number of people to join us.. to my surprise they all accepted.. as much as I was happy.. as much as I was worried they won't like it..

Guess what.. they loved it.. and I was the happiest ever :D


I wonder, why are they all getting married?!!

Wishing you all the happiest year to come :))

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