Can't accept her anymore

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Is it the feelings of boredom?! Depression?! I wonder.

All I know that I can’t bear her anymore. She is the cause of all what I’m in now. If it weren’t for her, things would have been much better. She always underestimates me. She always breaks the promises I make with her. She is never up to my expectations. I forgave her for zillion times but she never learns.

It is said that I should accept her the way she is, then try to develop her. But I can’t. I need her changed, and it’s only then when I can accept her.

Am I making any sense?! I doubt.
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Yes u r making sense, Dear
But u know u ve to accept it the way she is. Otherwise, no one will be able to!!

U r the one who ve the reponsiblity to change her, not the other way around.

Keep struggling my friend..:))
Thank you for the support my friend. It's friends like you that helps her continue struggeling :)
Dear friends,

let me ask , do we have rights to change the others ?
Do we have rights to standardize people to be up to our expectations?

For me the answer is NO, I think human beings have that right of being themselves and NO ONE has the right to “STANDARDIZE” , you know why ? Coz, actually there’s no standards, we can’t say that our way is the best , the nicest …etc. ,
So I think when we are dealing with humans, we have only two options: to accept, respect and love them the way they are or simply NO.
What do you think??
Umm.. of course I totally agree with you.

U know whom I'm talking about here? I'm talking to myself.
I suggest you play with her first. I mean, when she underestimates you, trick her into saying why is she doing that? Ask her 'why she wants to underestimate you? what is her benefit for doing that?' BUt be playful, funny and go into a dialogue. Fighting, destroying, wrestling wont take you any further.
Thank you Haal for the advice. I'll try and trick her and see how it's going to work :)