Saturday, May 31, 2008
Finally we are moving.. I can't deny that I'm excited about it.. however, I'm very sad I'll be leaving our previous head office.. unfortunately, I got too attached to the place.. Wednesday was our last day there, I kept taking photos for each corner of the place.. not believing I won't be able to get in there again!!

I always seek change.. or let me say I love to change, but on condition that I have the option to go back to what I used to have.. but here the case is different.. there will be no go back.

It's not about the place only.. it's about everything.. I feel I'm working in a different company other than that I used to work in.. most of people I worked with left.. dear people to me.. rules changed.. well, they are trying to enforce new rules in the new building.. which I believe will minimize socializing.. don't know why I feel I'll be suffocated..

The final thing which is really getting on my nerves is the place I'll be sitting in.. we once went there to have a look at our office and choose places.. me and one of my colleagues decided we will be sitting beside each other, however, we didn't decide where each of us will sit.. Honestly, I want to take the place to the left, though I feel she is targeting the same place as well.. so childish I know.. but I really want that place.. the funny thing is; I'm not capable of opening the subject with her.. it would have been a lot better if we opened it and close the case.. but I'm afraid we won't reach an agreement.. she is a dear friend to me.. but still, this place issue is bothering me..

We went today to check on some stuff in the new building.. and we both didn't explicitly mention we want the place.. however, we both implicitly made some actions to indicate we want the place.. I don't want to get into a clash, plus, I feel very childish about the whole thing!
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