Sunday, October 10, 2010
So.. it’s time to disclose this little secret I had.. it’s not a secret.. simply three years ago I wished to have my wedding/engagement/proposal on 10/10/10..

Back then -three years ago- it seemed very logical and felt I’m giving myself plenty of time.. thought definitely by that time there will be someone.. people around me might think I was kidding about it, but I wasn’t.. back at that time when I decided about the day I felt it was very reasonable.. but here I am, still proud to be single :D

On the other side, I got to admit today is one of the best days in my life.. see, it’s just my fate to be happy on the day despite anything.

I haven’t been in that state of mind looooooooong time ago.. waking up with a smile.. going to work having the same smile, singing and laughing.. people couldn’t believe it.. yes, I was very weird, haven’t been that happy for a long while.. though I thought this will be one of the worst days in my life..

So, what’s behind this happiness, I guess I fell in love with somone.. ok, ok.. let’s rephrase it, I have this crush on someone.. nothing solid so far.. but who knows.. In addition, I had a phone call by end of the day which had a good news.. still to be disclosed later..

In conclusion, yes, what I planned for the day didn’t happen, but still, I believe I’m having a new beginning.. a new start.. a new phase in my life without waiting for 10/10/10 anymore :)
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