New beginnings..

Thursday, December 30, 2010
We were having our break at work when we started discussing our new year's wishes and resolutions... when a friend of mine simply said it is us who put these endings and beginnings.. we are just living a series of days which are all the same.. dates don't make a difference..
I was really convinced with what he said.. which made me think about it.. why is it always related with a new year that we make wishes and resolutions?!
We are always looking for new beginnings.. giving ourselves and others new chances.. but it's all in our hands.. it's our decision to let go, to change, to forgive, to take action.. Instead of letting days take control over our lives, we have to take this control.. to put our own beginnings & endings..
At times, we keep postponing our actions.. sometimes I say, I'll start doing this by the beginning of next week, I'll be stopping that by the beginning of next month, I'll start over by the beginning of next year.. and do we really do this?! do we really need to wait?! what's the reason behind waiting for this fake beginning?! I wonder!!

Anyways.. still I wonder.. and I don't have a reason why do we wait for the beginning of the year.. but here I am thinking of my new year's resolutions.. thinking of my 2010.. It's been such a tough year for me.. the worst year ever I think.. I lost and gained.. I laughed and cried.. I grew older.. I learnt a lot.. I talked.. shouted.. I remained silent..

I lost the most precious person in my life.. I lost the only person who genuinely loved and cared for me.. the only person who understood me.. life can never be the same without her.. but what can I say.. that's life!

Gainings.. yes there were.. new friends, new experiences.. lessons learnt.. but it was learnt the hard way!

So.. welcome 2011.. wish you can bring me happiness and joy which 2010 wasn't able to provide me..
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