Happy Birthday Moon.. a decade has passed!

Thursday, February 26, 2015
It is like this date ten years ago that I started this blog.. a decade has passed! I can not even imagine it.. ten years is third the years I've been on this planet.. and these ten years are said to be our golden years.. all my twenties.. this blog has been a witness for.. when I look back I have two contradicting feelings.. I'm still the same exact me, same fears and ideas.. and the other though is; I have changed drastically! how come those two thoughts exist at the same time, I have no idea..

Every now and then I go read random old posts, and feel happy I documented these happy and sad moments.. I feel I'm documenting my own evolution, things that affected me, may be one day I'll look back and try to understand the parameters that made me who I currently am.

I miss the time that I had to come here to this blog and write almost everyday.. the time where there is higher interaction generally at the blog-sphere.. I virtually connected with a lot of people and felt they are close friends, people I need their advice and willing to them mine..

Now, I just come here when I'm really fed up from the real world, when I just need to speak out loud to the void.. this place has always been a soothing one for me, where I try as much as possible to be me.. just me, with no considerations for what people will think of what I say or I should and shouldn't say so and so.. but still at times I can not be totally myself.. that real me which I even sometimes hide from my own self! why do I hide here, may be because I feel she is bad, she is a complete opposite of who people think I am! I try to be that person people approve by suppressing my own self! and isn't this what I grew up believing in and being taught.. Deep inside of me I always blame my parents, because end of the day I'm the result of the ideas they engraved in my head, which eventually I grew up and knew they were not totally right..

Happy Birthday Moon.. looking forward for a new different decade.. a decade where I could be just ME
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