Moon blogging from Izmir – Day1

Sunday, January 14, 2007
After some little surprises and misunderstandings concerning my flight.. I'm finally here in Izmir, Turkey.

A totally new experience for me in everything.. first time to travel abroad since I was a little kid of four.. first time to travel all by myself, no accompanying family member..

Everything is exciting the take off, the landing.. switching plans from Istanbul to Izmir.. looking for my luggage.. above all was Cairo and Istanbul city lights while departing and arriving.. and the amazing scene of the cotton like clouds from Istanbul to Izmir.. it was unbelievable.. seeing the sun rays through clouds at sunrise.. I gotta say I enjoyed every single thing.

Arrived at Izmir about 8 in the morning.. rested for a couple of hours.. then down into action.. shopping and going around different parts of the area.. I loved the city.. I like everything about it..

I have loads of stuff to write more.. but my eyes are closing.. got to go sleep and tell you more later..

For the time being.. some of the pictures I had today.

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