First anniversary

Monday, September 25, 2006

It was like today a year ago that I started my first working day.

Can’t imagine that a complete one year has passed! Did I change through this year?! Definitely I did. Learnt a lot, stumbled with some blocks, but realized how important that was to me. At times I used to count the hours to pass the day, but other times I enjoyed my time and never felt by the days passing.

At the beginning, I was afraid, wondering, will I be able to make it?! Is this the place for me?! Never had the confidence that I was up to their expectations. Days passed, and my fear decreased day after the other. Got attached to the place and the people. They became part of me.

I remember the times when I used to tell myself it is just a year and I’m gonna leave, never thought the year will pass that quickly.

Best thing about blogging, is you keep track of your thoughts and feelings through different phases of your life.. you record your happy moments, sad ones, fears, and wonderings.. some might read, some might share, but most important thing, the feelings are there for me to back to and read myself again, and know how I used to think. Went through my first working day post, though I didn’t wirte much of details in it, but it reminded me of every moment of that first day.. the first person I met, the old room, getting introduced to other people, my first task, how difficult I thought it was, and how I think of it right now..

I don’t know why.. but I love keeping track of certain events in my life.. I like counting the years.. I like to look back and see what I gained and what I lost..

I wonder what would I right one year from now?!
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Happy Anniversary, Moon! May you have many happy years in the working field. As for staying in this office, stay as long as you feel comfortable here :)
Kul Sana wa inti tayiba! Keep up the good work :)
Thank you Alina and Ha ana za :)

I'll be staying there, as long as I feel that there is something new that I'm learning, and will try to keep up the good work.
Congrats Sweetie, rabena yewafa2ek isA.
Happy Anniversary:) Kol sanna w enty tayeba.
happy anni.

wish u good and happy career to come :)
Nesrina, Wonderer, Salateenoo.. Thank you :)
happy anniversary 1st of all

2nd,,, check this article, and read it to the full :D

surprise surprise
Blue.. definetly that was a very nice surprise.. you know why?! Not only because I was quoted, but because I really realte with everything written in the article.. I was one of Zedny students, participated with them in their very begining, witnessed their success, and they were part of my own development, I owe them a lot.
Same for ACES, may be I was not a direct participant there, bas I kinda feel I'm part of it as well. Witnessed it from the begining and still watching it's success year after the other.