Ramadan.. Happy.. Depressed..

Saturday, September 23, 2006
Wednesday 20/9/2006

Left work having that feeling of unconditional happiness. I was happy, without a reason, was feeling a bit active, was feeling as if I’m having a long vacation.. wanted to go do a lot of things.. have a walk in medan el game3.. and get myself some stuff, may be get a fanoos as well.

Went home first, and mum told me she will come have a walk with me, but I had to finish something before going to get it done there as well. Time passed, and it got late, didn’t finish what I had to finish, and didn’t go anywhere. Felt a little bit depressed, and the mood was reversed upside down.

Thursday 21/9/2006

The mood was a little bit better, however, it didn’t continue the same way.

We had the farewell party for our country manager, one of the best ones I guess. Had another irritating news that day. I’m asked to leave my place for a week because we are having some people coming for the week, and there is no place for them. Well, I gave up my place willingly knowing that it’s just for a week, plus, I don’t like the place I moved to, but I thought I’ll try to manage it for the week. When I moved my stuff, I was told by the lady I’ll be sitting with her that I’ll be staying there for the whole month of Ramadan! That was the shock for me. Up till this moment, I can’t imagine how this will happen. I’m feeling very sad :(

Friday 22/9/2006

Had an early morning outdoor breakfast, it was nice, the four of us, me, my brother and my parents. It has been some time since we last ate together. Then we walked home. Dad wanted to go for shopping. Me unwillingly went with them. I hate it when my father goes shopping.. he takes hours there, and I’m not that kind of a shopping girl.

By night, me and mum thought of doing some decorations for Ramadan.. it looks great.. still missing the fanoos, gonna get it tomorrow hopefully..

Saturday 23/9/2006

Had a morning walk in old Cairo.. Went to a place called Al Darb Al Asfar were we visited Bayt Al Suhaymi, Al Khurazati and Mustafa Ja'far. It was amazing. First time for me in these places. A lot of history, and architecture to see. Was wishing to write more details about it, but the information I had was too much for me to recall.. however, I’m intending to read more about history, may be then I’ll be able to talk better about the places.

Went home, and asked my brother to come with me buy my new mobile. Well, I’ve been telling him this quite a lot the past days, and I guess he kinda got bored of me cause I’ve been telling him this a lot. Each time I make up my mind and decide which I’m gonna buy, then I go there, and feel hesitant. But today, I insisted that I won’t go back home without getting it.

The decision I had was to go get the Nokia 6131, went there, and for some reason, I decided I won’t be getting the 6131, and I’ll go get the Samsung D600, don’t ask me why, coz I don’t know.

So, I got my new mobile.. however I don’t feel as happy as I expected. On the contrary, I went home crying! I feel I made the wrong decision, or may be coz I feel I’m still not satisfied.. I don’t know.. I’m not feeling well, not in the mood for Ramadan at all.. plus that changing my place at work is really getting on my nerves.

After all, wish you all a very Happy Ramadan
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Happy Ramadan ya Moon, kol sana wenty tayeba. Kaman, mabrook for your new cell, u never know, maybe the new one will turn out to be coolest or something :D..
So, u did the ptp walk?? I signed up then cancelled to run traffic department kind of errands...fein el photos??
Cheer up, and isa the change in ur work will be for your best..calm down bas..and see what will happen.
i just wanted to wish u a happy ramdan :)
by the way i was in verrry bad moode too and i bought nokia 6131 but it didn't cheer me up as expected :( , so 3'aleban el 3eb mesh fe el mobiles :D so cheer up
  At 9/24/2006 02:41:00 PM Anonymous Nihal said:
Hey moon, I came across your blog by chance,,, I was there in the walk too :-)
I'm glad that you liked it, that type of activity opens my mind.
Marook for the phone
Nermeena, wenty tayeba ya gamila :) Was wishing to meet you at the walk, may be next time isA.
Unfortunately, no photos, I'm having a problem with the camera :(
Concerning work, well, today went fine, hoping the coming days will pass the same.

Daydreamer, thanks for dropping by and for the wishes :) Wish you a Happy Ramadan as well :) and congrats for your new phone, and cheer up as well :)

Nihal, definitely I liked the walk, was glad meeting you there :)
As for the phone, I'm doing my best to enjoy it.