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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Intolerance is becoming one of the main feelings I’m having these days. I’m getting very aggressive, dealing with people in not so good way.. doing my best to suppress these feelings inside but eventually I let them out.

Having combined feelings of loneliness combined with boredom. Can’t tolerate staying with myself a lot, nor staying with other people. Feel the need to be surrounded with people, though, not able to communicate with others.

Feel like doing a lot of stuff, but don’t have the energy nor the will to do anything. Feel the need to scream and cry, but I’m not doing either.

Bored from that daily routine, trying to change anything in my life.. got myself new water color pencils, bought new clothes, planning to buy a new mobile, but still I doubt that any of these will cause the change I’m seeking.

I even changed my blog’s template, got a new blue one.. but I don’t feel enthusiastic about it as I thought I would.

Talking of change, we are having some changes at work, not that good I guess. We are having a new country manager, who seems not to be as nice as the previous one. I’m very sad about that.

What else.. don’t know.. I feel I need to talk, but I can’t find anything to say.

Did my best to stop posting while I’m feeling down so as not make that place such a depressive one. However, I couldn’t hold myself back! I’m all filled with negative feelings and need to vent it off.. may be that would help me get rid of that feelings I’m having.
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  At 9/06/2006 04:35:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
This tends to be abnormal, just bear in mind that we do not tolerate slights or insults in any way, more to the point, it is normal to act like you do now, otherwise there is something wrong!

Probably, you are turning a blind eye to your current state; as there is nothing wrong. I have a hunch that there is sth wrong that you are trying to eliminate by ignoring it.

Take a second and think about it!

People, whom you are dealing with on daily basis, might not tolerate you too as a reaction of yours!

It would be great if you talk to your mum, or to a friend!

Cheer up, things will be alright!
  At 9/06/2006 04:53:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Kindly check the link of your [MoonLightShadow] banner! It is linked to the old template, pls edit the banner URL and use http://www.zeemoon.. instead of http://zeemoon..
Ya moon this is ur space...vent off zay manty is all about you the "owner" of the blog...not the readers.
It is healthy to release your negative thoughts here...this might help.
Someone, excuse me, don't know which URL you are talking about

Nerro, it's just that looking back through my posts later makes me feel how a depressive person I am!
i think this is life...

some happiness .. some depression.....

maybe u need love ....

Ya moon ya gameela, we all have almost the same feeling sometimes but I assure you they won't stay for log. I used to feel that I am losing my patience and feel that I am aggressive, just like you feel. as if I am suffocated but you know what you might need a break or a change. sit and analyze and see which part is going wrong and see how you can change it.
Cheer up sweetie.
first of all i wanna tell u that this is my first time in readind your blog its very nice one so i wanted to tell u that you r ahuman being ,feeling like this its normal but please never let it control you and last for a long time remember that this will pass also
life is so harsh but please try to smile to incourage those who are around to keep going
dear whenever you feel disappointed or sad keep blogging we r happy to share this with you
  At 9/09/2006 02:53:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Someone, excuse me, don't know which URL you are talking about

Never mind, It O.K.