Friday, September 15, 2006
Nothing major has been happening for the previous days.. the normal dull life, not even a slight change!

Work is the same.. at times I feel bored.. plus I feel that certain things are going around that I don’t know anything about which is somehow irritating me.

My buying a new mobile plan is not as easy at it seemed to be. Having a lot of varieties and choices to choose from is making it a very difficult task for me. I’m not the kind of person who likes to go on researching stuff before I buy something. It goes with me differently, I feel like buying that phone, then I go buy it, that’s it. No comparisons, no checking other ones, not even paying much attention to the features.

But just considering the matter for sometime, I discovered there is a whole new world of mobile features.. which I don’t think I’d be using half of them.. but it just made the selection more difficult. At first I was considering either Nokia 6111 or Samsung D600. Nokia turned out to be with a very small memory of 23 MB and can’t have an external memory. That left me with the Samsung choice, however, a lot and discouraging me from buying it and are recommending any other Nokia one. Considered the Motorola V3i, but I’m not into that choice.

Some recommended the Nokia 6125, or 6131.. but I don’t know why I’m more into the Samsung.

I’ve always believed in something, the more I think about something, the more difficult I make it for myself to take a decision. I believe that there isn't a 100% correct decision.
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I have two Samsungs, different models, true, but I am extremely pleased with them :) I also think you should choose what you like most. If it's meant to stick wiht you for a long while, it will.
i have samsung d600 ...its so good and beautifull design too...but its not practical....u know it has this sliding property which is new and unique ...but its so needs a delicate hand ... for me ofcourse i have no sucj a hand...but for you maybe if u dont hold the mobile frequently in your hand ... so its a good choice ... and i have another recomendition ...its motorola razor V36....its so beautiful too....and has the same features as samsung d600....
  At 9/21/2006 04:30:00 PM Anonymous Nihal said:
I heared that Samsung is not that good in repair, so take care.

I have just bought the Nokia 6131, it is good (costs 1725 LE), and I bought a 512 MB memory (200 LE), so I won't need anything more, I even use it as an MP3 player. Pros: it has a lifetime warranty on the mobile software, it is cute, light, 1.3 MP camera (nice). Cons: it is so delicate and sometimes it restarts all by itself, also they don't give you the CD of the PC Suite.
Oooppss.. I guess I've seen your comment a bit late Nihal.

I just bought the D600 couple of hours ago!

The funny thing was, I went out of home intending to buy the 6131, but when I knew it's without extra memory and without the USB cable, I changed my mind and went for the Samsung, though I liked the 6131 very much!

Don't know whether I took the right decision or not.