First day of Ramadan

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Finally I’m having that Ramadan feeling.. it couldn’t be described, it’s only felt. You feel there is a change.. you feel spirituality in the air..

Still, from a year to the other the feeling of Ramadan differs.. don’t want to say that I miss it when I was a little kid, but I do. However I’m trying to enjoy the changes I’ve went through.

Recalling some Ramadan memories, I remember playing and signing with the fawanees, listening to all Ramdan songs.. waiting and anticipating for Booggy w Tamtam, Amou Fouad and many other stuff..

Most important thing was family gatherings.. I used to love it. Well, back then I had my reasons for that, was having some crushes on some of my relatives, and these family gatherings were the only chance that I got to see them.. you know what, I miss these feelings.. I no more enjoy these family gatherings as I used to. The more we are getting old the more the gapes between us is getting wider, life changed each and everyone of us.

First day of Ramadan we gather at my aunt from my father’s side. While sitting there today, I went back about 10 years ago, and remembered how we used to drop our studies and gather me and my cousins to play computer games or bdon kalam.. these are of the best memories I have..

Life changed, and we changed.. now, we have three new members in our family who are to be part of my memories.. they are my cousin’s husband and her son, and my other cousin’s wife who is waiting for her twin daughters/sons God willing.

It’s different from previous years.. we are no longer the kids, a new generation is born and we are playing the roles of the parents.. it really feels different!
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Ramadan Kareem ya Moon, may god grant you all the blesses of this month and help us in 3ebada isA.
Nesrina, thanks a lot :) Ramadan Kareem to you too :)
Ramadan Kareem ya moon:)
P.S. I love your new template, specially the flower beside "leave a reply":)
I'm glad you like the template ya Wonderer .. Ramadan Kareem to you too :)