Past, Present & Future

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
My parents always think that I’m never satisfied. Can’t deny that truth. Tried digging in deeper to know why is that. One thing that I realized about myself is, I always talk about the past and the future. I occasionally pay attention to my current situation and try to enjoy it.

It’s either that I see the past as the good old days, or I think that it was these days that is causing me all the trouble now. I dream of a better future.. the days when I’ll fulfill all my dreams. Will be the only controller of my life and decisions. I keep anticipating, without looking to what I presently have.

I look to the past days, and say if only I did this or that. If only I enjoyed my life as I wanted. But seems that I never learn the lesson of enjoying. Always feeling there is something missing. Sometimes I feel restless, just wanting to know what is the coming days bringing. While I’m waiting, life slips away.

I theoretically get what I want, however, I don’t know how to enjoy it.
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Hi moon, may be I didn't comment on ur posts before but I came here from time to time to take a look.

I was always wondering how old are you and finally looked into your old posts and I realised that you are too young to be that depressed!!

Why regret the past and why think of the future as a dream, you can do all in your present, you are young and good just be more optimistic and think that if you don't enjoy the present, you will continue regreting on your past..your present now is your past tomorrow.
Gloryfing or balming the past and then longing for the future is a trap a lot of people fall into. They keep ignoring the present, withuot considering the fact that their future comes, is wasted and then moves on to the past.

Enjoying yourself, your life and every moment is most of the times an exercise. You need to learn this attitude when it is not fit for you. And they you will start feeling better.

When I am never satisfied and displeased with my life, I have this little trick: I start thinking about what I do have, what others don't have, what others' problems are, which most of the times (apart from the part that my issues are the most important) are quite severe compared to mine.
Engy, you are most welcomed on my blog :)

You know, after reading ur comment, I took a look at my previous posts, never thought that I sound that depressive!

I’m doing my best to enjoy the present, but sooner or later I find myself back again to regretting everything, and crying over the spilt milk!

Alina, may be I should start using your trick. But you know what, I tried it before, but it doesn’t work with me. On the contrary, I feel more depressed. I feel I’m having less problems than others, and I’ve got a lot that should make me content, but still I’m not. This just confuses me more, and I keep blaming myself for not being satisfied!
wow ,i can really connect with what u said .I mean i do think about the past maybe alot and hope i can change it ,but unfortunately i can't ,and i hope the future is bright .Yet i don't try to do somethin in my present , i just forget about it :S
Well anyways i just wanted to say i understand what u're saying ..