Stepping Stones.. Stumbling Blocks

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
I can’t not live without challenges.. that’s what I’ve discovered lately. As much as I dream of that easy going life.. doing nothing except sleeping and enjoying things I like doing, however, I discovered that whenever I have that ‘nothing’ to do, I feel bored to death.

I can’t tolerate life without having some challenges. Actually, that’s the whole thing about life. facing challenges and learning from them. It gives me that feeling of success, feeling happy because I made something that I thought I won’t be able to do. And what if I failed? No problem, life is about success and failure, and I gotta try both.

What if I had no challenges?! I won’t have stepping stones. And what if I didn’t have stepping stones?! I’ll just stand where I am. No learning, no progress, instead I might go backward.

It’s true, Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks. It's just a matter of how you view them. That’s the case with everything in life.

Sometimes I feel that everything in my life is going the easy way.. I don’t have enough challenges to build up myself, and give me strength.. I guess I’m missing a lot of stepping stones. But other times I think, may be if I had these stepping stones I would have seen them as stumbling blocks. What do I want?! An easy one?! A difficult one?! Don’t know!

Viewing it from another side, makes me ask myself a question, can’t I make it without the stepping stones?! And the answer is yes, I can’t, I’m weaker than going through the path without the stepping stones.
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We all need some kind of challange to keep us focused, to stregthen us. And I agree with you, no obstacles would mean weaker individuals, the type that wonder through life with no hardship and forget to fully experience joy, happiness, overcoming impediments.
This is a very nice blog template you have here.
Thank you Tarek. Glad you like it.