My first day

Sunday, September 25, 2005
It was my first day at work. Things went fine. However, I still had that weird feeling. A feeling that I don’t know what is it. Feeling strange, out of place, it’s just weird. But, I’ve decided not to let these feelings control me anymore. I kept thinking of any positive thing, just to repel these thoughts.

I hope it’s just because I’m new in the place, and it’s kind hard for me to get used to a new place and new people that quickly, it takes months!

People are nice and helpful. All in all seems things will be going fine, or at least I’m hoping for that.

My eyes are closing, and my mind can’t think of anything to write..

Have a good night :)
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Hey, Moon, congrats on that fist day! I know how feeling out of place, little and notknowing feels like! I felt like that for weeks at my non so new anymore job! I actually had my five minutes bathroom break in the middle of the day thinking "what am I doing here, I wanna run home!!!". And that's all the time I allowe it, 5 minutes, and about a couple of weeks, I started to constantly forget about my 5 minutes fear.

So cheer up, have lots of luck, and give yourself a chance!
LOL.. u know what Kayla, I had that 5 minutes break as well ;)

Thank you for your wishes, and I promise I'll be giving myself a chance :)