An uncompleted evening walk :’(

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Don’t know why these days everything is going against my direction, almost everything is not going the way I want it to be, though I do my best to get what I want. That’s what I call back luck!

Tonight I was supposed to join an evening walk at Al Muizz and Al Gamaliya, was very enthusiastic about it, and cancelled everything I had just to join. The meeting point was at el Hussien, that was all that I knew. I even don’t know how to go there, but I knew I’ll be able to reach the place. Left home an hour before the time putting in mind that I might be lost. On my way I discovered that I had to put fuel to the car, after doing that I discovered that I was left with only 3 and a half pounds! No problem, I’ll pass by the bank on my way and things will be fine.

Unfortunately, the ATM machine was down, thought I’d pass by another branch on my way as well, after waiting there for about 15 minutes, the machine was down as well!!

I didn’t give up, I thought I might find another branch on my way. So, I was almost late, going to a place that I don’t know how to go to, with only 3 and a half pounds. One option that I had is just drive back home, but I insisted I should complete the way, I was very much into that walk.

I reached Al Azhar street, which I supposedly thought that el Hussien should be near there. I asked I knew where it was. Now it was the difficult part of finding a place to park. Well, I knew where I should park it, but there was no U turn to go back to the parking. Was late for about 15 minutes or so. Parked the car, putting in mind that I shouldn’t be by anyway late than two hours, else I won’t be able to pay for the parking.

Walked till I reached el Hussien, and guess what, yeah as I thought I didn’t find anyone, I was too late and they started the walk :( Still didn’t give up, I called the organizer, and asked where they are. I knew where they were, and started asking to be able to reach there.

Can’t deny that I was a little bit scared. It was a place that I’ve never been in before, all by myself, with only 3 pounds left. I kept walking and walking till finally I reached the place were I thought I’ll meet them there. But guess what, I didn’t find them, Called and no one replied :((

Didn’t know what should I do. Should I proceed, may be I’ll find them, should I go back, or I keep waiting where I am and try calling again. I felt the place wasn’t safe for me to keep waiting. Was not sure I could proceed walking, the only option I had was go back before I’d be charged for more than two hours in the park and I had no money.

The problem was, I didn’t know how could I go back again. Didn’t want to take the same way I took, felt unsecured walking there. Didn’t know how long would it take me walking in the main street till I reach the park. Didn’t know how much would a taxi take till there. Kept going back and forth. Heading to where the car is, and then back again to where I might meet the group, then back again towards my car. Definitely I was very silly. Then felt that I should go back. Kept waiting till I found a bus stopping, I asked whether he goes to the parking area or not, and he said yes. I immediately jumped into it. Thank God I was only charged for half a pound. This means that I’m left with 3 pounds.

Finally I was back to where I parked my car, kept praying that I’ll be charged for only 1 hour, else, I don’t know from where could I get the money. Thank God, I was charged for only 1.65 pounds.

While driving home, I couldn’t believe how silly and stupid I was to do all this to myself. I missed everything. I missed the walk, missed visiting a friend, missed relaxing at home.

I just spoilt everything for myself. I was happy with the whole thing, it was a new experience that I can’t deny that I liked. A change from my daily routine, but I wished that I would have managed things better than that.

On the other side, things are horrible at work. It’s end of month, seems that people don’t work except end of the month. I have something that I should be doing tomorrow at work (etdabest feeha) and dad was asking me today to take the day off coz we might be traveling.

So, the case is, ana metdabesa fi 7aga at work, something that I don’t like doing, nor know exactly how will I do it, and my dad wants me to take the day off because he finally will fulfill my wish and we’ll travel to Sinai.

I’m feeling so desperate!
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I hardly ever get lost in cities I know. But it had happened to me recently in Constanta. I drove around trying to find K's appartment there (he was still in Bucharest and supposed to come the next day) and drove around for an hour and a half. When I finally figured out where I was, I could not make a U turn, so it took forever. During this experience, I was trying to also talk to a friend who lives there so that she could guide me. But driving and cells are not for beginners!

I totally understand how you felt, but you have to admit, when it's over, it does seem extremely funny.
Yeah.. when it's over, it's an experience that I went through, and I'm laughing about it. However, whenever I remember how I felt through those couple of hours, I feel I was very stupid!

You know, at times I feel that I can never get lost in Cairo. By a way or the other I'll reach a place I know, and figure out my way then. The whole thing is, you should be prepared to get lost. Not to be empty pocket :D
  At 9/02/2006 01:28:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
This is not a bad luck, by contrast you are so lucky!

Despite being a flat broke at a certain moment that did not stop you to rollback, one of the most important lessons, of course, is being determinate to achieve an objective(s), and consequently to accept the results.

I have read this somewhere, I do believe in it, "There is comfort in knowing that you are ready for whatever comes at you", as simple as that, I know to learn that needs a full time job.

As for Don’t know why these days everything is going against my direction, there is a wisdom beyond every little tiny matter concerns us. You might not get it at the time but later things will be more clear.

Yes, most of the time I'm determined to acieve my objectives, however, sometimes I don't accept the consequences. I guess that's what I should learn, accepting the results of anything I do and put in mind that it's not end of the world and stop regreting everything.

So, why do you think I'm so lucky?!
  At 9/02/2006 12:46:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
regardless of the situations that you have been through; ATM broke, Being late & did not catch your colleagues, unsecured route. You walk by your own for sometime, probably jogging to catch others'. on your way back, you were so lucky; got into a bus & paid few pts, after paid for the parking then went home safely.

You can imagine other scenarios starting with IFs! things would be more tough then.
Right you are, I didn't think of it that way at all!
  At 9/02/2006 01:48:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
How was your task at work?! & what it was about!!
It went fine, with the help of someone else.
It was some procedures related to end of moth closing.
  At 9/02/2006 07:04:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
Good stuff!