matloob 7'etta l tatfeesh 3arees

Thursday, December 11, 2008
matloob 7'etta l tatfeesh 3arees.. any ideas?!
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Lol, I am obligated to see this 3aress another time tomorrow and I dont know to make him feel that it wont work tooo

very strange 2 having the same problem at the same time ;)
give him ahwa b mal7 :D
I can tell you how one of my friends always does it.

He's a guy who's very into salonat marriages, but he uses something that can be used by women as well.

The would be partner shows up, he doesn't like her, so he goes like this.

Him: Are you a religious person?
She: Not very, why?
Him: Well, you should work on that, start listening to Amr Khaled or Wagdi Ghoneim.

An argument ensues, but if she just submits, he starts another argument, something along the lines of are you a feminist?

Always questions where there are 2 points of view and he adopts the opposite, then just tells his parents that she's too different.

Maybe you should give that a try.

First time to check here, so I apologise for the intrusion.

Have a good one.
Well Dr. Invisible.. let me know how it's gonna work.. may be I could make use of what u will do :)

Blue, ana aslan mab3rfsh a3mel ahwa :D u think that's good enough :D

Umslopagas, I guess I was gonna do what u said, that's the only way out for me I guess.. gonna give it a try and see how it will work..
  At 12/12/2008 03:36:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
yooooh yoooooooh howa 7ad byftkr 7aga inhrda

el 5ita 314 kahrba fel garas :)))

just show him you are mentally unsuitable, like who umslo said

rbna yktblik elly fih el 5ir
  At 12/13/2008 01:43:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
And i think it's so simple , you can tell your parents you don't find qobool in him , and they'll do the job for you , but if you want to find reasons for ur parents that makes you refuse him then you should tell them your reasons (assuming you have them not just escaping commitment:P) bas :)
what if i had my reasons but i can't announce them?!
start a talk about if he thinks women should not travel alone..
you say you believe its your right to travel whenever and whereever you want... just like him ..

show some feminist identity.. he will run away :P