Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Woke up this morning having a headache.. well, I expected it, since I only slept for three hours. Tried to put myself to sleep from about 1 a.m till it was 4 a.m .. but all my efforts were in vain.. my mind was too busy to be switched off.

Though I was tired, but I was happy. It has been some time since I last found myself lost within my dreams, it fills me with hope and takes me to another world were everything is possible.

Dreaming is one thing that makes me feel I’m alive. I hate it when I stop dreaming and find myself drowning in that every day routine life.. nothing that I’m waiting for, nothing that I’m working to achieve.

I guess that I used to dream a lot when I was a student, was always anticipating what’s coming next.. visualizing my life.. thinking that everything is possible, and the only thing I had to do was graduate, and things will work out for me.

I think that since I graduated, almost these dreams vanished, they visited me every now and then, but I wasn’t enthusiastic about them as I used to be, and that was one thing that I didn’t like.

Yesterday, I was back to dreaming again.. don’t know what was it that stimulated me to live through my imagination. I went to bed, and found ideas floating all over my mind.. best thing is that I visualize everything, as if I’m living through it and seeing everything.

It was nothing new, it’s the same dream that I’ve always had, having my own small project for handmade crafts. However, yesterday, the dream extended a little bit, the addition was that I went to have fashion design courses, and my tutors encouraged me to start that project of mine, and I did. I kept visualizing everything, the place, the people, the work, the marketing plan.. and since this is a dream, I visualized it’s success, and felt that I might make a success story out of this little thing..

At times I imagine myself talking to my children, and my be my grand sons and daughters, and wonder what would I like to tell them. Would I like it if my story through life was a normal one?! A story of a girl who graduated, worked in a good place and then was driven by the day to day life.. or would I prefer telling them and small success story?! That of a girl who left everything and went chasing her dreams.. she stumbled and failed, and stumbled and failed, but she persisted that she will never give up her only dream.. as small as it might be, but may be that was the thing that would bring her happiness.
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Well, Moon, i think you shoud give it a try. keep your day job, but you could also start by doing a little reaserch, taking some evening classes. Having a taste of the real thing will give you an idea of it's being worth giving up the rest
hey, Moon, you ok? You haven't been around in qute a while. Happy Eid!
Alina, thanks for asking :)
Yeah I'm ok, thank God. Just been unable to express..

Thank you for your Eid wishes :)