Back to work :(

Monday, October 30, 2006
After having such a long nice vacation, it’s always hard to go back to work..

Yesterday was the first day after vacation. I didn’t do anything except staring at my computer screen. Trying to focus and get something done, but in vain. Was completely out of balance. Was not in the mood for work at all.. I was just living in the memories of the vacation.. Visualizing everything that happened, and smiling.

Was having a different feeling, was not in the mood for work, but still was having inner peace.. was a little bit active than usual, but was very calm inside..

By the time I went home, I started to get a little bit anxious for not achieving anything at work, and feeling that I’m back to that dull routine life.. I hardly woke up today, didn’t want to go to work at all, as if I’m a kid going to school.. bas I couldn’t take it off.. went there, hoping I’d achieve anything, but it went the same as yesterday.. just staring at my computer..

The bad thing is, I’m loosing my inner peace.. feeling irritated by whatever is going around.. and may be I’m getting irritated by what’s going inside and I’m trying to turn my back to...

Anyways, I just needed to speak out what I’m feeling..

Will be posting soon about my eid trip which I enjoyed more than expected..
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  At 10/31/2006 09:40:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Dear MoonlightShadow,

Work often feel like, if it is unispiring.

have you ever done any exercise to try to find your own true values?

of course you are probably conscious of your families values. certainly you know the values of your faith.

but deeper inside you ther lie another set of values. very few people ever search to find it , after our family, our spirituality and all the advertising tells us what we should think and we do we are to beat to lisen to the voice inside us.

when we find our value, our personal vision, we can then act on it. even if our job does not neccessarly express it - al least we know weekends or in evening we have a value based project in our life. the project can keep us inspire, help us move through every day with pleasure if not paaion.

I really enjoy your blogging and wish a better day at your desk

sue adam
Sue, thanks a million for your comment.. Acutally you kinda pointed out my major problem, not knowing my own true values.. and not being inspired by what I'm currently doing.. I need to search more inside myself, and have the courage to try and check other opportunities out there..