Wednesday, August 16, 2006
At times I’m a person who loves to be challenged.. just tell me that I won’t be able to do this thing, and you will find me doing it very well.. may be it’s the challenge or the stubbornness, I don’t know..

I just thought for a second about stuff that I like, and found that almost all of them needs patience, take a long time to get done, however, when I’m done with them, I’m the happiest ever.

Even through my school and college years, I used to wait for my results impatiently.. loved that feeling of waiting for the results.. feeling that there is something good at the end of the road.. it was never a materialistic thing, despite the gifts of course ;) but really, that was never everything. It just gave me that feeling of self appreciation..

This summer, is my first summer without waiting for my results.. was very sad for that.. my cousins and brother had their results out.. and it’s only me who wasn’t waiting for anything..

Isn’t it the case?! Nothing that I’m waiting for.. life is almost monotonous, no change is happening.. I can’t stand life that way.

Should I consider going for masters?! Not sure I want to do this.. I no more want to go into theoretic study..

I’m even not buying any new stuff.. not reading.. not seeing new places.. having nothing new to do..
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