Unsolved Equations!

Monday, August 14, 2006
Targeting perfection, though you are not perfect!

Asking people to accept you, though you don't accept yourself except if people accepted you!

Feeling you belong to some people, though these people feel you don't belong to them!
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Still figuring?
Maybe just take a deep breath and let things happen. It's usually only looking back that you can see things clearly anyway. Everything looks blurry in motion.

Hmm.... hope that makes sense!
Moon..ya Moon...you don't ask for people's acceptance...they have to accept you the way you are...if you feel like you need to change something in urself..just to be the better person you want..cool...work on it...it is not gonna happen in a day or two..it might take a lifetime..yet...you will feel the progess through ur journey ya gamila. The ones who love you and really care..will stick to the "you" who is working and progressing..and the ones who are not really interested will walk away..therefore..you don't really need them in ur life anywayz..no? where is the coffee missy??
Well I have to tell you that those little unsolved equations is what gives things in life taste not asking for acceptance and not getting any or not accepting yourself but your little time trying to figure things out.. It is a little like you have to know yourself and accept it first before others can.. Treat yourself right and soon others will just follow.