Still figuring my way out..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Sometimes a person keeps dreaming of something, thinking it's a long way to go till this dream is achieved.

You just keep dreaming and put it in a certain perfect picture, which might not be fulfilled, however, you could reach that dream with cutting down the conditions.

I've been like that all my life, no big cutting down of conditions, reaching almost what I though I wanted, but that never guaranteed that I was happy and satisfied.

Life is and has always been like a game for me, never thought that anything would be for real. But, the older a person gets, the more he realize it's no longer a game.

You find yourself at that point of taking decisions, that might affect your life forever.. sometimes even there is no turn backs.

The more I'm taking these decisions, or feeling it's getting near, I'm terrified.

As much as I'm not patient, sometimes I feel like I want to close my eyes and just jump ten years forward.. but that's only to know how would my decisions now affect me late.

Life is getting real day after the other, and I'm just that little kid, still figuring my way out.
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Well.. I think this is the normal course of life for all of us ..we've been through this before. the life before maturity which you called a game ..and the life to come with all its burdens and decisions ...and to switch from the game to the life ...there is a thin passage between. we have to go through it .. we don't loose the thrill of the game ... beside never loosing the sensibility in our life to come ..

* sorry for my poor English. I didn't write in English from quite long time :(
"You find yourself at that point of taking decisions, that might affect your life forever.. sometimes even there is no turn backs." This is really one of the most difficult moment we live almost everyday ! even a silly decision of eating or watching TV may have an effect sometimes never expected on your life ....
i think that Safae is affected with the Movie "Butterfly effect" :)
  At 8/13/2006 01:38:00 AM Anonymous Someone said:
Still figuring your way out..!
Who does not!
Anyway, Just fit..
Safae, totally agree with you, though I try not to bother myself worrying about simple decisions.. that will make life too hard to live.

Salateeno, true, Safae might have been affected by the Butterfly Effect, though I haven't seen it, but heard about it. Another movie that had the same idea is Sliding Doors, one of my favoites.

Someone, trying my best to fit!