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Saturday, July 29, 2006
I'm back from the vacation.. have been to the North Coast for about 10 days, doing nothing but relaxing on the beach. Supposedly I should be relaxed by now, refreshed for going back to work, however, that's not the case.

Things didn't go the way I wanted it to be.. Moreover, I was interrupted by work calls, which spoilt the mood at all, plus I felt guilty for leaving work while there is stuff that's not working.

Besides, I was not able to stop that head of mine from having a flood of annoying thoughts. It's annoying cause I don't need them.. they are a lot.. interfering with each other.. they are just filling my head while they are not welcomed.

One way of solving this problem is write whatever is there in my mind.. but, as soon as I start, they run away, and I'm left with an empty head!

I really wonder why can't I make myself happy.. why am I that dull person all the time.. I had a vacation to enjoy, but instead, I kept blaming myself for taking that vacation, and wasn't able to enjoy it.. I'm back to work, and I'm expected to be full of energy to work, but it's the other way, I can't imagine I'll be back to work.. don't want to.

During the past ten days, I kept contemplating the idea of leaving work.. but I couldn't make a decision about it.. I've had enough or regrets, don't want to spoil my life anymore.. the majority of people around me, think I'll be crazy if I left.. but they only see it from their view, no one can see it from where I see it.. but still, I'm hesitant, I fear that I might be taking the wrong decision..

Sometimes I think, so what, no problem in taking wrong decisions, that's the way I'll learn.. but I go back and say, why risk my current job if people around think that's a wrong decision.

I feel that I'm having a wrong perception of how life should be.. I feel I'm still having a dreamy idea of life..

I sometimes think how would I be like 10 years from now.. how would my decisions now affect the rest of my life.. would I after 10 years regret my decisions now.. or would I regret not taking these decisions and following what people thought was good!

An endless dilemma that is depressing me.. I feel I could lead a better life.. but I'm passive about it.. or I'm afraid I'm wrong.. I'm just confused, don't know whether to trust that inner voice inside me.. or trust people around.. I fear that I'm just escaping a current situation which could be solved..
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welcome back moon
u've been missed :)
Hullo! Glad to have discovered this blog, and I look forward to going through your archive. Do come by my blog too sometime. Best, rama
welcome back first.
look around u some still got no future.lost in that crowded brutal humanless world.u r blessed so appreciate it.i donot intend to be dull but with all those death scenes and refugees,hunger,despair and tears everywhere,we go on vacations and laugh.we couldnot even show emotionl easy to shed tears on a touching heart breaking scene but so hard to feel it deep inside u
Lou, there are people who would think i am crazy for leaving my current job. well, i looked and found something better, a new job I am supposed to start in about two weeks, three days after leaving my current company. Maybe you should try the same, send some CVs to check your new market value, then see what's next in line for you! Most of all, you should try to do right by you!
Salaam Moon,
I think Alina's advice is very good.
Seriously, it's better to regret something you have done, then something you haven't done.
  At 8/03/2006 06:07:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Dear Moon,

Would you kindly send me your e-mail address. Could not find it anywhere on your blog.

Thank you
Blue.. thank you :)

Rama, will be visiting your blog soon.

Alina, wish you good luck with your new job :) I guess I'll wait sometime to take this step.

Safiya, I only wish I don't regret anything..

Anonymous, my e-mail is
North Coast is soo boring anyway !
Definitely it is! Though it was the only option I had.