Still at work :'(

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Still at work.. and I guess I'll be sitting here for other two hours! Nothing is getting to work.. and I'm having a vacation starting tomorrow, though, I can not leave without finishing this load of things I have.. When I found that nothing is working.. I just opened here to let out the negative energy, may be to help myself relax, and be able to think.. It's all about thinking out loud while I'm sitting here all by myself..

I've got no less than 3 tasks that I should have finished today.. and I finished nothing.. and I'm feeling tension as time pass by.. I'm not gonna cancel my vacation.. nor do I want to leave without my stuff not completed :(

I'm feeling too desperate now!
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pure moon
rabna ma3aki ya tota
I hope you enjoy your vacation and really relax!
Hope you finished all tasks in time and that you are now enjoying your vacation! Wish you loads of fun!
hey...take a deep breath...slowwwwlyyy..yeah...relax and enjoy....