Sunday, October 10, 2010
So.. it’s time to disclose this little secret I had.. it’s not a secret.. simply three years ago I wished to have my wedding/engagement/proposal on 10/10/10..

Back then -three years ago- it seemed very logical and felt I’m giving myself plenty of time.. thought definitely by that time there will be someone.. people around me might think I was kidding about it, but I wasn’t.. back at that time when I decided about the day I felt it was very reasonable.. but here I am, still proud to be single :D

On the other side, I got to admit today is one of the best days in my life.. see, it’s just my fate to be happy on the day despite anything.

I haven’t been in that state of mind looooooooong time ago.. waking up with a smile.. going to work having the same smile, singing and laughing.. people couldn’t believe it.. yes, I was very weird, haven’t been that happy for a long while.. though I thought this will be one of the worst days in my life..

So, what’s behind this happiness, I guess I fell in love with somone.. ok, ok.. let’s rephrase it, I have this crush on someone.. nothing solid so far.. but who knows.. In addition, I had a phone call by end of the day which had a good news.. still to be disclosed later..

In conclusion, yes, what I planned for the day didn’t happen, but still, I believe I’m having a new beginning.. a new start.. a new phase in my life without waiting for 10/10/10 anymore :)
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ya banouta:))
Ana mabsooota that you enjoyed the day :D
wana aslan enty 3alla baly mn awel el esboo3 w bafakarlek fel youm da ...ezzai a3'ales 3alleiki.. bas ma3reftesh 3ashan mashakel fel emBile :D
3ayza a3raf ba2a el end of day call... hah hah .. discolse ba2a (A)

P.S: I was waiting for a blog post ;)

Al7mdollah....ya rab tb2y mabsoota 3la toul :)

I second turtle,what's the good news??(A)
U know there is still 11/11/11 and 12/12/12. Although i think 11/11/11 is more fun.

Good luck!
  At 10/23/2010 03:01:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Your actions add value for the date, and it be remembered till the end of days, you will remember it for wht happened in it, regardless of the figures associated with the date itself.

Your day will come, as you are a great person, and whoever will join u in the journey will be lucky.

Wishing you the best to come, and it will come in any date isA.

Remember: "Surprises add joy to the moments of happiness."
  At 11/12/2010 10:29:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
First time in years that I check your blog to find this very good news. Good luck Moon. Keep the happiness flowing and keep teh positive vibe penetrating all your being and soul.