Thursday, October 25, 2007
Things are getting steady with mum.. hoping it will continue the same for the rest of the therapy.. I managed to regain my balance again.. I'm back on diet and to exercising.. I just went to the fitness center couple of times, and the interesting thing is I come out of there full on energy and feel happy..
It's been a long time since I had that happiness from inside.. it even reflected on everything.. and people around realized it!

However, I'm still feeling lonely.. I'm missing people.. interacting.. talking.. listening.. I started to feel that my relation with people is becoming fake.. the smile and go type.. at times I had a lot to talk about.. but I'm not sure why I'm still feeling that emptiness inside.. I have nothing to say..

My heart is giving me a hard time these days.. it's so distracted.. unable to take a decision.. not sure whether I should leave the decision for it or my mind should interfere.. actually, it interferes without me asking for it.. may be that's the problem.. if yes, so why can't I block that mind of mine for a while.. I need to feel free.. unchained of all the rules.. if only that was possible..
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