da2mat al shakway

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
mesh 3arfa lieh ana da2mat al shakway... I always catch myself complaining and feeling down.. mesh 3arfa leih mafeesh 7aga btmshy zay mana 3ayza.. leih mesh ana el mota7akema fi 7yatay.. 7ata mesh 3arfa a7aded mawkefy men nafsy.. sa3at a7es eny tayeba awy, l daraga tewsal ll habal.. w sa3at tanya a7ess en ana shereera gedan.. te3bt w zh2t men nafsy awy.. nefsy arsa 3ala bar.. nefsy a7es b estekrar gowaya.. bas I'm always struggling.. should I give up on struggling.. and if I did, will this make me happy?!te3bt men kotr el 2as2la.. sa3at byb2a nefsy en dma3'y di matshta3'lsh.. mesh 3ayza afakar.. mesh 3ayza 7ad ytlob meny eny afakar.. bas arga3 tany w la2y nafsy mesh 3arfa awa2af el shy2 elly fi rasy dah.. ana geet hena leih.. w eih elly kany 7ay7sal law ana makontsh fi el denya di.. kan 7ayb2a fi far2?! ma3takedsh..
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  At 7/17/2007 11:57:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Well,I can tell you that this is my exact feeling. Am I kind or not? Wouldn't it have been better if I didn't get into this world? Do I make any difference? What do I exactly want? And the thing that is working in the head never stops and it increases my feeling of loneliness and insecurity. Sorry I don't have a soluton for your case as simply it's mine!!
Yes, it would make a difference if you weren't here. Say Alhamdulillah for the small things......