Friday, July 27, 2007

An unexpected sms.. phone call.. email.. inbox message.. bunch of flowers.. gift..

It's the small unexpected things in my life that makes a difference.. most important is being it unexpected.. it puts that smile on my face..
It makes me curious.. the few seconds that I take opening the sms or the email are the best ever.. that sense of wondering.. a feeling that I can't ever describe!
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w ya tara ya hal tara mn meeeeeen? :P
You are so right about this moon! Such little details can put a smile on your face to last for the whole day! :) Did I mention I also like th new template? :)
It doesn't depend awy on who is it from ya Blue.. what makes it matters more is being unexpected.. for example, someone who hasn't contacted for a while..

Glad you like it Alina :)