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Friday, August 17, 2007
Finally I'm on a vacation... AGAZA…
So.. after all this work pressure and worry.. I'm finally off.. two weeks to do whatever I want.. is it really whatever I want, or it's whatever my family wants?! Actually I don't mind.. I wonder why am I not interested in this vacation aslan..

Yes, I was totally tired, and reached that 'enough is enough' state.. however, I started to be that person who have nothing in life except her work.. so, when I'm off of work, I find myself left with nothing to do..

I'm traveling to the North Coast early tomorrow.. my parents are already there.. they even didn't wait for me!! and I'm stuck with this super jet again :(
Two to three days are more than enough for me there.. more than that it becomes boring.. especially if I don't have friends there.. I see it as a routine life.. all the days are the same.. and I don't have any kind of activities to do..

What if I stayed in Cairo?!.. well.. I've been here for one day all by myself and I'm turning crazy.. feeling lonely.. having no one to share anything with..

Did I do this to myself?!
Work became the only thing I'm living for.. the only thing I'm doing in my life.. lost interest in everything.. at a certain point of time I wanted this.. wanted to feel happy and satisfied at work.. feel that it's not ruining my life, and it's not taking me from other things I would have been doing..
I'm regretting it.. but still, there should be a balance between both.. work, and my life.. Am I capable of achieving that all by myself?!

I guess it's the loneliness that's doing that to me.. I'm starting to hate it.. I even don't find anyone to go have lunch with.. went through my mobile's contacts list, and found no one that I just could call and ask for having lunch together!!

I don't know why am I such a dull person.. I realized that 90 percent of the time I'm having negative feelings.. there should be something wrong with me then.. I need to feel happy, content, satisfied.. it's been such a long time since I had these feelings..
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went through my mobile's contacts list, and found no one that I just could call and ask for having lunch together

but that doesn't mean they don't want to :) , it's just that each is on his own and "stuck" with things to do ...u know responsibilities .

why am I such a dull person
No u 're not , it's just that u no longer do things u used to do , like plants , concerts , bookstores , exihibitions ...don't tell me u feel sorry for yourself for not doing them ,so start doing them again...at least u can , others can't :(

Good luck moon,change is good, enjoy it,
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