A job offer in the bus!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Was having the weekend off to the north coast.. well, that's the only vacation I'm capable of having these days.. nothing more than a weekend.. though I'm promised a long one after my colleague is back from his vacation..

Anyways, since I had to be back on Saturday night for work, and my family wanted to stay for a while, I had to go back to Cairo by bus (Super Jet)..

The least I can say is, it was a weird trip!
A trip that normally on worst cases takes 3 to 4 hours took me 6 hours!! I was about to jump out of the bus.. we started 5:30 P.M. and reached Cairo 11 P.M… if it was for this, I would have managed myself.. but thanks to that person who was sitting beside me!!

He started a conversation by asking what do I study, and I answered that I'm working.. he asked where am I working, and I told him the name of my company.. he asked in what field, and I told him IT.. he asked where am I graduated from, and I answered..
He kept asking about my college.. paused for a while, and asked is it a four years college, and I said yes!

Usually I don't like talking.. especially to strangers.. I'm not the kind of a person who would go chitchatting with people I don't know well.. imagine a complete stranger.. However, I tried to make it apparent from the way I'm answering and my voice tone, and tried to end up the conversation..

He stopped for a while.. then started asking again.. he asked "Do you know what ERP stands for?" I said yes I do.. and I wasn't planning to tell him, just to end the conversations.. then he asked about another abbreviation (it turned out it's the place where he works) but I said I don't know what it stands for.. then he told me what does it stands for, and I said that I've heard about it before..

He asked whether I'm interested to work there, fa I said I'm happy where I am.. fa he kept telling me the benefits of working at that place and how exposed I'll be etc..

Trying to make him stop, I said ok, you could give me the website or email and I'll be checking it out and will send my C.V.

He paused for a while, and said, no, I'll do a better thing.. I'll call the head of the IT sector and I'll let you talk to him.. I was really fed up at this point.. but I wasn't able to do anything except talk to that person over the phone.. he told me to take his email from his friend and send my C.V.

I hang up, and asked his friend for his email.. fa he said he doesn’t have it, and gave me his email instead and he will be forwarding my C.V..

Finally I managed to make him stop for a while.. but every now and then he starts a conversation! He asked about my age, whether I'm married or not, etc..

Forgot to say that in addition to this person beside me, there was two disturbing ladies in front of us.. the least to say is that they were lousy.. In addition to that movie for Mohamed Saad, Katkout.. made it a horrible 6 hours trip..

Back to that person beside me, he looks like a respectable guy.. lived about 25 years in the U.S. and that field he is offering me the job is exactly what I wanted.. actually I'm surprised coz early that morning I was talking about it with my father, telling him that my next career move will be in that direction!!

I'm not sure what should I do.. I'm just confused of how things went..
To be honest, I like how the job sounds like, but I don't like that person.. nor do I like that other one I talked to on the phone..

I still didn't make up my mind of whether I need to leave where I am, or it's not time yet?!
I'm thinking I send my C.V. and see how things will work.. may be they won't find me suitable.. however, I even don't want to take this step except after being sure that I need this job!
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  At 8/13/2007 12:43:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Therez nothing to worry about, as long as u're old enough and have ppl arround u that u could take their oppinions, it not a bad i dea to try.. i really belive that when u do ur best in ur job, god rewards u with what u want and best suits u,, from anywhere.. lets see how things will go!! but i like un expected possibilities!
I call it Super Shit instead of Super Jet
my thought is,, go for it :D
you dont imagine ana nefsi fi ay forsa mn el no3 dah 7ata tegli mn el sama... 7akalbesh feha b edaya...

and if u r afraid mn el makan, u can take an old person m3aki.. and thats all
3'eer keda dosi :D w enti mesh 5asrana 7aga as long as its hidden from your current boss ;)
send the cv
you got nothing to lose and everything to win!
send the CV
if their offer was nice, go for it and good luck
if not, then you didn't lose anything...
Well, Moon, weirder things have lead to good stuff, so trying wouldn't be that bad. You could first find out more about the company and then just give the recruiting process a chance :) Good luck, whatever you choose :)
So.. upon the feedback I got here and got from people I asked, I did send my C.v.. Hoping and wishing for the best..
I just hate to be in cross roads, actually I guess making decisions! You never know what are you missing on the other side..
what hapenned ? did they call you ?

btw, this my first time browsing your blog, interesting. and the weird thing is that moon status window. i just saw it on their official website and decided to put it on my blog 10 minutes before opening your blog !