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Sunday, September 30, 2007
Are we born with our personal traits, or we do acquire them from the surrounding environment and the way we are raised up?!

I asked myself this question many times, the conclusion I always reach is, it's a mix of both personal traits, and the surroundings..
If this conclusion is right, this means that part of our personal traits – that acquired from the surrounding - could be changed, either by changing the environment, or by just realizing these traits and working on them..

The question now is about these traits that we are born with, could we change them?!

Many times I feel like changing myself.. being completely a different person. At times I think this is possible, and I start trying, but each time I'm trapped with my failure..

Being an introvert, is it an acquired trait or we are born with?!
I believe that I was born an introvert.. someone who enjoys being with herself.. finds difficulty in dealing with others.. I love to be among people, however, I just watch from a distance.. interacting puts a huge burden on me. Trying to keep a conversation going, finding something of common interest.. I'm just not that type..

Why am I saying this?! Simply because I'm asking myself to change, to stop being that witness from a distance and start taking part.. but I can't.. sometimes I do put myself in situations, knowing that the normal me won't be able to act, but I believe that I should be throwing myself in the sea to be able to swim.. still, there is a very high probability that I'd drown instead of learning to swim..

Not sure whether I'll be able to change or not..
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Moon, I believe we can achieve anything we want, if we try hard enough. When it comes to traits that we seem to be born with, it's a bit trickier. For example, I am quite shy at times. That's a trait I was most likely born with. Given the line of business I have chosen and my needing new experiences constantly, I always need to control my native shyness. Sometimes is easier, other times it's harder. It's with me forever, but I can handle it. Other such traits I can't handle because I did not try hard enough. And that's my two cents :)