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Wednesday, August 01, 2007
I'm such a weird person.. I have complete swings of moods.. happy, nervous, depressed, enthusiastic, laughing my heart out.. all can be present at the same time..

I'm currently having a hard time at work.. doing my best to distract my mind from thinking about it.. however, I can't.. it's completely getting into me.. it's even affecting me physically.. feeling tension in my body and was suffering a terrible headache all day..

So, whose mistake is it?! Did I contribute to what I'm suffering right now.. not sure.. I'm definitely mistaken, I should learn to say NO.. learn to state facts as they are, and not pressure myself to make things better than their current state.. but I can't.. I hardly can face people, I do my best to make things the best way I can.. the horrible thing is I'm a perfectionist.. however, I can't do things as perfect as I ask myself to do it..

But definitely I'm mistaken, I don't seek enough information to do a job.. I get the general idea, and I assume the details.. that's completely wrong.. but what can I do.. I depend on myself more than I should.. but I can't do otherwise.. I don't ask a lot, I just keep going with my assumption until proven wrong!

So, I'm reaping the fruit of my own mistakes?! Let me not be hard on myself.. I'm not the only mistaken here.. not sure how should I react.. I'm terribly sick of all what's going around me.. I'm not into that kind of high politics going around me.. I'm direct and straight to the point.. I don't have a hidden agenda.. but seems things don't go that way..

Is it too late to correct these mistakes?! Should I state all this to my boss?! Well, he is the first one who led to all this! Should I talk, or it's too late.. I'm trying to say I can't.. but I'm pushed.. and I can't say no..

I'm all alone in this.. all are getting out of the ship.. and I'm the only remaining..
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you won't believe it fe3lan ya Moon :))
I am EXACTLT AND TYPICALLY, these days passing with the SAME scenario u were describing.

I am accused of being OVER self dependent, and not asking and making it hard on myself wel donya ma3kooka fou2 dema3'y

Rabena yeshhfeeena ya rab ba2a :))
  At 8/03/2007 05:04:00 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Hey.. same here!! *sigh*
TALK! Say what is on your mind to the boss and get it done with......

Funny that ur somewhere on appears that we are in the same time zone!!!
Moon, I think you're doing a pretty good job without another 2 of you :)

As for tasks at work, in depth research can really help at times. But for that you need relevant information sent with the task and time. And time usually lacks :)