Switched to new version of Blogger :(

Sunday, February 11, 2007
So.. I was forced to switch to the new version of Blogger.. I'm not happy with that.. I didn't want to switch.. I was fine with the older one, and was not ready for the change.. above all, I don't like to be forced to do something.. yes, this might be a better one, well, I don't know, I didn't check the features.. but still, I should have the right to choose what to do! I don't want to log in with my Google account.. I'm free to do whatever I want!

I'm really angry about that..
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Me too ya Moon :S
I have one advice for you: don't upgrade the template. You will no longer be able to use custom made templates.
No one liked to upgrade they forced you to use the new one.
But as we are forced to do so look to the bright side and search for any advanteges in the new blogger, may be it is better.
Hechkok, the worst thing about it is that I'm forced.. I don't hate something as being forced to do something, so even if there is a positive side to it, I'll not be able to see it.

Alina, I won't.. actually I'm not gonna use any of the new features.