Sunday, December 03, 2006
Ma7'no2a w 7assa eny 7afar2a3.. mesh tay2a ay 7aga 7awalya.. mesh 2adra 2atkalem w a7'od w ady ma3 el nas.. ma3 eny 7assa eny me7taga atkalem.. bas mesh 2adra.. mesh 3arfa 7ata ana 3ayza 2a2ool eih.. e7sas eny mad3'outa da meday2ny awy.. da 3'eer en ana nafssyan ta3bana mesh na2sa da3't aktar men el zorof elly ana feeha.. men kotr mana mesh tay2a el sho3'l ba7ess eny momken fi ay la7za 2a2olohom ana mashya w saybalko kol 7aga.. bas aw7ash 7aga eny lessa 3andy 7etet 3a2l.. mesh 7a3rf a3mel keda b shola, 7'asatan eny mafeesh 7aga tanya fi dma3'y momken a3melha..
7atganen 7'alas.. mesh 3arfa leeh kol 7aga metkarkeba fo2 dma3'y mara wa7da keda.. wa 7assa eny da3eefa w mesh 2adra 2at7amel kol da lwa7dy.. 7assa eny momken anhar fi ay la7za.. aw 2afar2a fi ay 7ad.. w ma3rfsh sa3tha amsek nafsy..
Mahma eshtakeet w etkalemt.. mafeesh 7ady 7ay7ellely mashakly.. w fi nafs el wa2t ana ma3ndeesh 7al 3'eer eny ahrab menha.. w sa3at 7atta mesh ba3raf..
El nas 7awalya kolohom mesta3'rabeen ana ba2eet 3amlla keda leeh.. mesh 3arfa a3melohom eih b sara7a.. hwa 3omrohom mashafo 7ad meday2..

W 2ady sho3'ly mesh 7akamelo w 7a2oom amshy delwa2ty.. fasalt w mesh 2adra 2akamel.. w da el 7al kol youm.. 2a3odly sa3teen kwayeseen w ba2y el wa2t ba3d el sa3at 3lshan amshy.. w ytkarar el scenario kol youm.. ana 7'alas te3bt
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First, your blog template is wonderful by the way. Second, you're describing what I had to go through almost everyday in a previous job of mine. I couldn't take it more everyday, the stress was unbearable, I had elevated BP when I was only 23 or so... I quit and honestly, it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not suggesting you quit here, but when you can't change the system, don't feel appreciated for what you do, then somewhere else there's a better chance for you and more lovely people to surround you.

Good luck with everything, Moon. Keep us updated.
as you said , no one can do or say anything that will ease your suffering , its just you who can do it for yourself ..
You know what ... you really need a change, search for another job, so something different and isA you will feel better. Don't give up... look within yourself and see what you would like to do and try to achieve it, it's not that easy but at least you will feel you are doing somethind about it.
I agree with Mystery your blog template is to7fa wonderful, I was not lucky to see your blog when you are ok , the sentence " ana ma7.nou2a " took my attention and I almost felt what you said, I think we all do sometimes , every one of us comes to his or her edge one day but you know as far as it go for the worth it will come for the good or as we say " ma da2et ella ama foregat " I hope I am not a heavy visitor and I hope you don't mind my little visit.
  At 12/05/2006 11:09:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
isA your grandfather will be OK soon.

Since the time you post "Sad News" and there was something wrong with you, It is not clear for me what that is, but it is very serious and you are deeply affected by.

settle down and have a long walk, fi al sa23a dih w hatenssi esmmek ;), ana mota2akked n kman yoman hatkoni kwisa. take care!
Mystery, Salateenoo, Nesrina, Hechkok, Someone.. I'm really thankful for your supportive words..

Unfortunatelly, my grandfather passed away last Tuesday..
My sincere condolences ...........
  At 12/10/2006 03:22:00 PM Anonymous Someone said:
I am sorry for your lose.

ena lillah w ena elayh rage3oon
البقاء لله
I am so sorry dear, please accept my belated condolences... God bless him.
البقاء لله
Take care and pray for him.
  At 12/11/2006 09:42:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
el baka2 lelah ya Moon, Allah yer7amo
Hechkok, Someone, Salateenoo, Nesrina, Nousha, Nerro..
Thank you all for your condolences, and supportive words..
  At 12/07/2010 07:08:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
Ena lelahy wa ena elayhy raje3oun, rubena yeskano fasee7 gannato,