Temporarily back to my old template

Friday, December 22, 2006
Opening my blog this morning, I found out that some of my blog images expired on the server and they no longer exist!!
The good thing is I keep a backup of my old templates, so, thought of using my previous one till I manage and re-host my blog pictures again.
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How r u now sweetie, hope u r feeling better. I always liked this old template but I miss the snow of last year ... remember :)
Take care ya gamila.
  At 12/22/2006 11:15:00 PM Anonymous someone said:
3amla ah delwa2tti? Hoping all is fine at your end.
Nesrina, I'm fine el 7amdullah :)

Sure I remember the snow of last year, will be adding it soon since I might stick to this template for a while.

Someone, yeah I'm fine el 7amdullah, thanks for asking :)
Happy holidays Moon! Hope the new year fulfills all your dreams!
I adore the colors of this template but your previous one was mch prettier . Merry christmas and happy new year
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Alina, thanks a lot for your wishes.. Wish a beautiful year to come :)

Hechkok, happy new year to you as well..
As for the template, I'll be back to my previous one, but seems that it's gonna take some time..